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Westlaw HK provides content options to suit all needs.

Hong Kong Content Comprises:

  1. Reported Cases (The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports)
  2. Unreported Cases - English
  3. Unreported Cases - Chinese (Hong Kong Current Awareness)
  4. Updates on Legislative Developments (Hong Kong Current Awareness)
  5. Case Digests (The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest)
  6. Hong Kong Law in Force
  7. Hong Kong Historic Legislation
  8. Hong Kong Civil Procedure (The Hong Kong White Book)
  9. Hong Kong and China News
  10. Regional News
  11. International News
  12. Hong Kong Law Journal
  13. Journal of Chinese & Comparative Law (archived)

KeyCite HK
The tried, tested and trusted case analysis tool from Westlaw is KeyCite. KeyCite is used by Westlaw services around the globe and is trusted by more law practitioners in the US than any other case analysis tool.

Flag Description
KeyCite red flag negative history graphic No longer good for at least one point of law
KeyCite yellow flag negative history graphic Some negative history but not reversed or overruled
KeyCite history graphic History available but not known to be negative
KeyCite citing references graphic Citing references available but no direct or negative indirect history
KeyCite depth of treatment graphic Depth of treatment - how extensively a cited case has been discussed by the citing case (1-5 stars)
KeyCite quotations indicator graphic Citing case directly quotes the cited case.

United Kingdom Content Comprises:

  1. UK Reported Cases (inc. Weekly Law Reports and The Law Reports Series)
  2. UK Unreported Cases
  3. UK Law in Force
  4. UK Historic Legislation
  5. UK & International Journals
  6. UK Legal Journals Index
  7. UK Financial Journals Index
  8. UK Current Awareness

Australian Content

  1. High Court of Australia Cases
  2. Federal Court of Australia Cases
  3. Australian Federal Cases
  4. Commonwealth Law Reports
  5. Federal Court Reports
  6. Federal Law Reports
  7. Australian Criminal Law Reports
  8. Local Government and Environment Reports
  9. Australian Tax Reports
  10. South Australian State Reports
  11. Australian Unreported Judgments
  12. High Court of Australia Unreported Judgments
  13. Federal Court of Australia Unreported Judgments
  14. New South Wales Unreported Judgments
  15. Victoria Unreported Judgments
  16. Queensland Unreported Judgments
  17. South Australia Unreported Judgments
  18. Australian Capital Territory Unreported Judgments

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