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Westlaw Business operates like no other platform because it's designed exclusively for business law professionals. Westlaw Business was built with your needs in mind, to support the work you do every day.

The exclusive foundation ofWestlaw Business

A sophisticated platform requires advanced technology, tuned specifically to the professional needs of the user. And that's exactly what Navigator is - a specialised search taxonomy developed to reflect the unique language of the business law professional.

Navigator "drives" Westlaw Business by:

  • Formulating relationships among topics, precedents, guidance, and law
  • Driving the development of essential building blocks for your documents
  • Continuously updating the transactional topics critical to users


Specific ways Navigator can assist you

Risk mitigation. Refer to Navigator as a current source to inform you of key considerations for various transactions.

Quick response. Leverage the efficiency of Navigator queries as a starting point to quickly gather information on a transaction or related document.

Competitive edge. Use Navigator to develop and drive the best decisions and actions for your clients on particular matters.

Business Citator:
A more powerful way to conduct business due diligence

Business Citator facilitates a deeper understanding of clients, peers, suppliers, acquisition targets, and competitors. In seconds, you can aggregate company information, directors and officers information, reported financials, recent SEC filings, international filings, loan finance agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and analyst reports.

  • Effectively use company information for legal disclosure filings, due diligence, and more
  • Utilise relevant content that you know is reliable
  • Mitigate risk by identifying company "land mines"
  • Present a unified business due diligence picture
Legal Due Diligence Reports:
Professionally formatted reports in minutes

Legal Due Diligence Reports deliver an instant overview of a potential counterparty or acquisition target in just minutes - professionally formatted and ready to use at your nextmeeting. Each report is generated as requested, so information is as current as Westlaw Business itself.

  • Available from any business due diligence search result
  • Advisory Relationships section in each report contains history of counsel used for litigation and deals
  • Public company reports contain M&A and business organisation material contracts back to 1997
  • Private company reports available for more than 135,000 companies
Current awareness:
Maintaining your competitive edge
Westlaw Business Currents is an electronic publication, created exclusively for Westlaw Business users by our editorial staff. It offers forward-thinking analysis and expert guidance on emerging trends related to transactional issues.

  • Accessible from almost anywhere on Westlaw Business
  • Helps you stay on top of the latest disclosure and deal developments
  • Provides real-life examples of how companies like yours have handled their particular challenges



We know you face incredible demands on your time. Our research professionals can make a huge difference in your day by providing intelligent research and support for almost anything - from locating hard-to-find documents to compiling industry intelligence reports.

Research professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with services that can save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on strategy and outcome instead of time-consuming legwork.

Research Support

Our on-demand research services save you time, and money with your research needs. Our consultants are completely dedicated to your research and can provide expert assistance with:

  • Custom research projects
  • Custom alerts
  • Historical filings
Business Intelligence

Somewhere within thousands of pages of filings, contracts, and agreements is the business intelligence you need for your next deal or offering. Amassing this information can take hours.

Our research professionals can make sure you get the information that is relevant, and that you have covered all the angles. With our customised business intelligence research reports, you can have the current agreements and disclosures in a presentation-ready report, based on your specific needs.

We can help you with:

Corporate Organisations: articles, bylaws, rights plans (poison pills), indemnification agreements, certificates of designation, and other pertinent agreements affecting the organisational structure

Company Debt Structures: indentures, credit and loan agreements, facilities agreements, and other documents affecting the rights of debt holders

Corporate Employment & Compensation: employment agreements, separation agreements, severance information, change of control documents, benefit plans, and other information regarding disclosure obligations

Industry Intelligence

Our research professionals can provide you with industry insights and analysis to give you a clear view of the competitive landscape. Our highly focused, comprehensive, and customisable reports provide the intelligence needed to survey the current business environment and give your clients a competitive advantage. We can provide:

Industry Deals & Trends: accounting and regulatory disclosures across specific industries and comparative disclosure in common transactions

Peer Employment and Compensation: comparative agreements and benefits plans across industries or peer groups

Industry Relationships: board of director relationships, advisory firm relationships, and disclosures