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The information in Westlaw Business is engineered to support your work. All content has been carefully structured and infused with technology that allows the right information to come to you - exactly when you need it.

An extensive one-of-a-kind source for deals

The M&A Center offers global public and private deal information.A system of standardised agreements brings the language you need right to the surface.

M&A key features:

  • M&A Navigator with events and filings views
  • Standardised agreement searching and model agreements
  • Comprehensive coverage of global public and private deals
  • Exclusive current awareness
Private Equity:
Step up your competitive game in private equity

The Private Equity Center helps you mitigate risk by providing the precedents, guidance, and law you need to operate in the alternative investment assets market, all in a single location.

Private Equity key features:

  • Private Equity Navigator effectively drives your research
  • Global Private equity buyouts and capital markets offerings deal information
  • Aspatore guidance through exclusive checklists and forms
  • Private Equity Currents with news related to private equity market
  • Relevant precedent authority
  • Searches only private equity firms and portfolio companies
Just what you need for research, drafting, and review

The Securities-US Center offers the most complete, current coverage with practice-specific tools relevant to '33 Act, '34 Act, and blue sky law. All you have to do is "get in and drive" - no need to construct queries or choose databases.

Securities-US key features:

  • Combined view of '33 and '34 Act materials through Navigator Events
  • Checklists and models provide guidance for disclosure processes
  • Consolidated results from multiple sources of filings, guidance, and law
  • Enhanced document display with integrated table of contents linked to document sections
  • Access to more than 50 Westlaw® analytical titles for reference
A single destination for your Canada securities work

The Securities-Canada Centre provides a place where filings, law, and guidance all come together with just what you need to research the law, draft documents, and monitor peers, clients, and competitors.

Securities-Canada key features:

  • Pinpoint searching of recognised SEDAR document types and SEDI filings
  • Complete legislation and regulatory coverage
  • SEDAR model documents by title, clause title, and defined term
  • Expert analysis and editorially created current awareness
  • International Prospectuses & 144A
Allows you to focus on strategy, not searching

Securities-UK brings together relevant listings from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), plus legislation and guidance for commercial law practitioners. You'll also find practical tips and checklists to help you along.

  • FSA listings are full-text searchable, allowing faster and more efficient retrieval of precedent
  • Provides you with a taxonomy and tools to research precedent, so you can focus on strategy, not searching
  • Access to International Prospectuses & 144As.
Islamic Finance Centre:
Relevant information in a legal context just for lawyers

Westlaw Business Islamic Finance Centre is the first source to integrate Islamic finance precedents, structures, standards, and guidance for lawyers. The Centre is developed specifically to address the unique needs of lawyers practicing in this market.

Islamic Finance key features:

  • Access Islamic finance source documents to assist in structuring and documenting deals
  • Terms and conditions on over 6,000 Sharia-compliant deals
  • Relevant Islamic finance standards, legislation, and caselaw
  • Full-text sukuk offerings, equity, and fund prospectuses
  • Precedent disclosures filed with the FSA, SEC, and SEDAR
  • Recent developments from major Islamic regions
Corporate Finance:
A cohesive way to negotiate commercial loan agreements

The Corporate Finance Center offers a competitive edge for drafting credit agreements by providing precedents, law, and guidance in one location.

Corporate Finance key features:

  • Thomson Reuters Loan Pricing Corporation, laws, and selected caselaw results in integrated searches
  • Normalised loan agreements of different governing laws
  • Checklists and guidance from Aspatore and West treatises
  • Current awareness with LPC Gold Sheets and Basis Weekly newsletter
Exclusively for agreements outside of bankruptcy

The Restructuring Center offers targeted content to select and execute options to help solution-seeking organisations for which bankruptcy is not a good option.

Restructuring key features:

  • Search and browse topics by events and documents view
  • Sample agreements containing language consistent with a workout, restructuring, or bankruptcy
An expansive resource for your research needs

LIVEDGAR offers section-search databases. Precedent Authority, exclusive private company information, and more - all in a single location.

LIVEDGAR key features:

  • Global and section searching
  • One-click retrieval of specific filings
  • Topical Research Library
  • Precedent Authority