RIA Checkpoint

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Rely on expert guidance and authoritative analysis from Thomson Tax & Accounting editors, WG&L authors, and partners including BNA, PPC, AICPA, PLI, and WorldTrade Executive. No other platform offers the breadth, depth, accuracy, and completeness of information you'll find on Checkpoint®.

Reduce research time with an intuitive and fully integrated system designed specifically to improve research efficiency. Checkpoint® is the only research platform made by tax and accounting professionals for tax and accounting professionals, and it shows.

Build stronger relationships and a more profitable practice by using Checkpoint® to create an instant communication bridge between the you and your client -- without leaving Checkpoint® or interrupting your workflow.

Why choose Checkpoint?

No other tax research system delivers cutting-edge technology that stays cutting-edge. We deliver technological innovations and enhancements four times per year to ensure that your system continues to meet your changing needs -- our closest competitor offers improvements once every other year.

No other tax research system gets you up to speed so quickly and easily. Find what you need immediately with Checkpoint®'s seamlessly integrated primary sources, RIA, WG&L, and PPC analysis, and third-party content.

No other tax research system gives you an expert in your office. Only Checkpoint® links you from the Internal Revenue Code directly to a WG&L treatise. You'll find authoritative guidance on complex tax issues from experts such as Walter Hellerstein for state taxation and James Eustice for practical advice on corporate taxation, as well as practical guidance from Thomson Tax & Accounting experts.

No other tax research system provides a single platform for all tax, accounting, auditing and financial reporting and management content -- and Checkpoint® also integrates with InSource Express RS, GoSystem Tax RS, and UltraTax CS.