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In addition to Tax (Federal, State, Local, and International), Estate Planning, and Pension and Benefits, and Payroll components, Checkpoint offers general features including:

Anchor content from RIA and WG&L

With titles like the Federal Tax Coordinator 2d and the U.S. Tax Reporter, RIA is renowned for providing authoritative analysis, guidance and interpretations from leading industry experts you know and trust. WG&L is one of the most respected brands in the industry and the expert authors are acknowledged for their superior interpretative analysis and practical approach to tax.

Federal Tax Coordinator 2d

RIA's renowned editorial analysis, arranged topically; Federal Tax Coordinator 2d covers all the laws, regulations, IRS rulings, and releases that apply to each tax problem.

U.S. Tax Reporter

A comprehensive and up-to-date source of federal tax law, regulations, committee reports, cases, rulings, annotations of cases and rulings, and explanations.

WG&L Treatises & Journals

The most trusted source of tax and accounting expert analysis, plus the help of numerous experts in the world of tax and financial reporting is at your fingertips. RIA's and WG&L's Premier Newsletters. Choose newsletters written by our experienced in-house editors (Federal Taxes Weekly Alert, State and Local Taxes Weekly, Pension and Benefits Week, Estate Planner's Alert, Payroll Guide Newsletter, and Corporate Finance News) or by renowned practitioners including Jack Cummings, Howard M. Zaritsky, Cym Lowell, Pamela Perdue, and Hogan & Hartson.

Content from External Partners

The best tax and accounting information providers in the world including WorldTrade Executive, PLI, AICPA, PPC, BNA, GAAP, and FASB, choose Checkpoint to aggregate their materials. In international tax alone, you'll find content from the IBFD, Comtax, West, and Sweet & Maxwell.

Time-saving features

Comparison tools that cross-link information across disparate sources, putting an end to time-consuming manual searches, advanced search tools that sort through thousands of documents to find the information you need, automatic alert systems, and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface built around your needs.

Subject-specific indexes and summaries

Dozens of tools designed to simplify research focused on subjects including Federal, State, Local, and International Taxation, Estate Planning, Pension & Benefits, and Payroll.

Practice-development aids

Interactive financial calculators and checklists, sophisticated transactional planning tools, audit programs, and hundreds of sample documents including fully prepared client letters, SEC filings, templates for IRS correspondence, legal agreements, and forms.