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SUBJECT INDEX: Banking & Finance Law

Structured Finance and Securitisation in Asia 2018

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, Third Edition

The Hong Kong Anti-Money Laundering Ordinances - Commentary and Annotations, (Collected Volume)

Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628): Commentary & Annotations

Banking Law and Practice in Hong Kong

The ONLY book analysing and commenting on the current state of legislation, regulation and policy of Banking Law in Hong Kong.

Financial Reporting Council Ordinance

An in-depth, annotated guide on Financial Reporting Council Ordinance for anyone requiring expert advice on navigating and understanding the Ordinance

Principles of Hong Kong Banking Law

The Hong Kong Stock and Futures Exchanges - Law and Microstructure

The Hong Kong Stock and Futures Exchanges – Law and Microstructure is the first book designed to provide readers with a legal, regulatory and operational insight into the mechanisms for securities trading in Hong Kong.  This book opens the “black box” by providing detailed and comprehensive analyses not only of the licensing of exchanges and broker-dealers, but also of the processes and mechanisms for trading, clearing and settling transactions in stock, options, and futures. Further, it benchmarks the state of the Hong Kong market against international regulatory standards and developments in international securities markets. The text also explains the exciting technical and international transformation of the Hong Kong exchanges in recent years and proposes a model for the eventual integration of the Hong Kong securities market into the securities markets of mainland China.

The Renminbi's Changing Status and The Chinese and Hong Kong Financial Systems


 The Renminbi’s Changing Status and the Chinese and Hong Kong Financial Systems is based on a collection of papers presented at the conference “The Renminbi’s Changing Status and the Chinese and Hong Kong Financial System(s)” in August 2011. The book explores how China’s gradual capital account liberalization and the growing role of Hong Kong as a leading offshore centre for RMB will affect the international monetary system, the balance of international trade, the shape of the world’s banking system and securities markets, and the future monetary system of Hong Kong. This collection of papers is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the actual and potential ramifications of current Chinese monetary policy.

International Banking and Finance Law: Principles and Regulations

International Banking and Finance Laws: Principles and Regulations provides detailed information concerning the reforms of the banking and financial systems of the five main active financial markets of (i) Hong Kong; (ii) China; (iii) United States; (iv) United Kingdom; and (v) European Union



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