Catalogue: Hong Kong


SUBJECT INDEX: Employment Law

Employment Law and Practice in Hong Kong

Essential legal content for everyone who wants to stay current with all Hong Kong Employment Law related matters, this Second Edition of Employment Law & Practice in Hong Kong brings you up to date on the developments of the past six years on the practice of law and jurisprudence. It also features expanded coverage of a number of areas, including: post-termination restrictive covenants and numerous case law developments in workplace discrimination.

Employment Law and Practice in China, Second Edition

An up-to-date reference book for practitioners and business professionals dealing with employment and labor matters in and out of China

The Hong Kong Employment Ordinances: Commentary and Annotations

The Hong Kong Employment Ordinance: Collected Volume is an in-depth review and analysis to each section of these six key ordinances analysing key legislation, legal precedence and the guidelines set forth in them, for example the hiring and status of local and foreign employees, acceptable behavior in the workplace, protection from unjust termination, and more! The book provides a comprehensive guide and analysis in a simple and accessible collected volume. It provides immediate access to the latest legislation and judicial developments in regards to these ordinances with both academic and professional advice and analysis from our expert and experienced panel of annotators.



The Hong Kong Employment Ordinance

The Employment Ordinance is the most important enactment in Hong Kong dealing with labour and employment conditions and terms of service. The Ordinance provides a basic floor of protections, benefits and entitlements.  All employees, regardless of the length of service, qualify for the basic entitlements and protections under the Ordinance. The Hong Kong Employment Ordinance provides a thorough analysis of the Ordinance with detailed commentary for each section. It presents a real-world approach in examining, understanding and applying the Ordinance in practice. The analysis and commentary are authoritatively supported with Hong Kong precedents, policy reasons, and cases from other jurisdictions and/or international conventions. The Hong Kong Employment Ordinance is an indispensable reference and guide for anyone who requires an understanding and insight on applications of the Employment Ordinance.

The Hong Kong Minimum Wage Ordinance

An in-depth, annotated guide on the Minimum Wage Ordinance with thorough analysis and expert opinions highlighting the controversial and unexamined areas of the Ordinance, this book will become the ‘go to’ reference for anyone requiring expert advice on navigating and understanding the new ordinance.

Discrimination Law and Practice in Hong Kong

This is a fully comprehensive and up-to-date book on discrimination law in Hong Kong. It adopts a practical approach and is an all-encompassing book which shows what behaviors and policies that Hong Kong Employers can and cannot get away with.