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SUBJECT INDEX: Civil Procedure

Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2023 (The White Book)

Endorsed by the Hong Kong Judiciary, Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2023 (The White Book) is the definitive reference manual on the rules of civil procedure and practice in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2022 (The White Book)

Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong, Second Edition

Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong is truly the first book of its kind where no other work in Hong Kong covers the principles of access to documents, discovery and privilege in detail.

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, Third Edition

Civil Procedure in Hong Kong: A Guide to the Main Principles, Fourth Edition

Hong Kong Civil Justice Reform Practice Manual - Second Edition

Hong Kong Civil Justice Reform Practice Manual, Second Edition focuses on the practical steps to ensure practitioners do not get caught out by the sweeping new provisions, and are able to provide their clients with specific advice as to how their cases should be conducted in this new era of dispute resolution.



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