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Australian Contract Law: Principles and Cases eBook

Wills, Probate and Administration Law in NSW, Second Edition

Commercial and Personal Property Law: Selected Issues, 3Ed

The Family Law Handbook, 5th Edition

Equity Practice and Precedents, Second Edition

Domestic Violence and Child Protection Law in Queensland

Health Law in Australia, 3rd edition

Sale of Land in NSW: Cases & Materials, 6th Edition

Quantification of Delay and Disruption in Construction and Engineering Projects

Butt's Land Law, 7th Edition


Contract: Cases and Materials, 13th Edition

Contract: Cases and Materials, 12th Edition, continues to be a leading casebook for students of contract law in Australia. Significant new legislation and cases extracted in this edition include:

Tort Liability for Mental Harm, 3rd Edition

Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17

Fair Work Legislation 2016-17

Australian Civil Procedure, 11th Edition

Lawyers' Professional Responsibility, 6th Edition

Australian Audit Guide & Toolkit for SMSFs 2016

Mann's Annotated Insurance Contracts Act, 7th Edition

Australian GST Handbook 2016-17

The Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition, 2016

The IPA Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return, 2016 Edition

Criminal Courts and Mental Illness

Torts: The Laws of Australia, 3rd Edition

Evidence Law in Queensland, 11th Edition

Ross on Crime, 7th Edition

Uniform Evidence Law, 12th Edition

Australian Domain Name Law

Macken's Law of Employment, 8th Edition

NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2016

Principles of Dispute Resolution, 2nd Edition

Business and the Law, 6th Edition

Health Care & the Law, 6th Edition

Interlocutory Criminal Appeals in Australia

Keay's Insolvency: Personal & Corporations Law & Practice, 9th Edition

Australian Audit Manual & Toolkit for SMEs 2016

2016 XYZ Model Financial Accounts - Workbook

Tax Questions and Answers 2016

Corporations Legislation 2016

Miller's Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated 2016, 38th Edition

Australian Tax Legislation 2016

Australian Tax Legislation 2016

New South Wales Criminal Law 2016

Fundamental Tax Legislation 2016

Corporations - Court Rules and Related Legislation 2016

Australian Tax Legislation 2016

GST Legislation Plus, 2016 Edition

The Australian Tax Handbook 2016

Principles of Taxation Law 2016

Australian Taxation Law Cases 2016

Principles of Contract Law, 5th Edition

Australian CGT Handbook 2015-16

Detectives' Handbook 2016

Sentencing in Australia, 3rd Edition

Understanding Company Law, 18th Edition

IPA Australian Financial Planning Handbook 2016-17

Australian Media Law, 5th Edition

Uniform Evidence Law: Commentary and Materials, 5th Edition

Family Law Principles, 2nd Edition

Traffic Law NSW, 16th Edition

Proof: How to Analyse Evidence in Preparation for Trial, 3rd Edition

A Guide to Business Law, 21st Edition

Death &Taxes: Tax-Effective Estate Planning, 6th Edition

Dispute Resolution in Australia: Cases, Commentary and Materials, 3Ed

Health Care & The Law, 6th Edition

Australian Environmental Law: Norms, Principles & Rules, 3rd Edition

Family Law, 6th Edition

Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law: Commentary & Materials, 3rd Edition

The Multi-Tasking Judge: Comparative Judicial Dispute Resolution

Lee's Manual of Queensland Succession Law, 7th Edition

Contract: General Principles - The Laws of Australia, 2nd Edition

Alternative Dispute Resolution, 5th Edition

Torts in Commercial Law

Construction Law in Australia, 3rd Edition

Construction Law in Australia has long been regarded as an authoritative yet accessible text on the law relating to building and construction in Australia and has been completely revised for this third edition.

Australian Family Provision Law

Australian Family Provision Law is a current and fresh analysis of family provision law around Australia. It deals with one of the most highly litigated areas of succession law, one which continues to be characterised by state differences, despite the movement towards uniformity.

International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism has gained acceptance in most Asian countries and in the past few years has grown exponentially. The increase in arbitration cases is likely to continue against a backdrop of increasing cross border transactions and consequent cross border disputes. However, for practitioners new to this area of practice and students alike, there has been no authoritative text dealing with the Asia Pacific perspective of international arbitration to which they can turn.

Legal Reasoning

This book takes a fresh approach to legal reasoning and its central place in legal education. Reference to the Australian and New Zealand law, this book focuses on how lawyers think and reason. It also considers how legal reasoning claims to be distinctive, while following practical reasoning techniques with policy and value elements.


Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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