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Black's Law Dictionary 12th Edition

Smarter Law: Transforming Busy Lawyers into Business Leaders

Director and Officer Liability: Indemnification and Insurance, 2016-2017 ed.

American Law of Zoning, 5th

Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas

Law Of Corporate Officers And Directors Indemnification And Insurance 2d 2016-2017 Entitlement, 2nd edition

Punitive Damages: Law and Practice, 2d, 2016 ed.

NEPA Law and Litigation, 2d, 2016 ed.

Black's Law Dictionary, Pocket Edition, 5th Edition

Modern Patent Law Precedent: Dictionary of Key Terms and Concepts, 18th

The Rights of Publicity & Privacy, 2016, 2nd Edition

Real Estate Review

The Law of Electronic Surveillance, 2016

Rotunda and Nowak's Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure, 5th Edition

Patents Throughout the World

Director and Officer Liability: Indemnification and Insurance, 2015-2016

Designs and Utility Models Throughout the World

Intellectual Property Litigation Guide: Patents and Trade Secrets

Litigation of International Disputes in U.S. Courts, 2nd Edition

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules and Commentary, 2016

Lane Goldstein Trial Technique, 3rd edition

Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, National Edition (The Rutter Group Practice Guide)

Structure of M&A Contracts, 2016 Ed.

Designs and Utility Models Throughout the World

Federal Trial Handbook: Civil, 2016-2017 entitlement, 4th Edition

Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules, 2016

Black's Law Dictionary Abridged 10Ed

Handbook of Federal Civil Discovery and Disclosure, 3rd edition

Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech

Domke On Commercial Arbitration, 2015, 3rd Edition

Information Law

Law of Corporate Officers and Directors: Indemnification and Insurance, 2015-2016, 2nd Edition

Magna Carta: Muse & Mentor

West's Tax Law Dictionary, 2014 Edition, 9780314623621

White Collar Crime: Securities Fraud, 2013 Edition

Mergers & Acquisitions, 2013 ed. (Business Laws of China)

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Doing Business in Russia, 2nd Edition, 2013 Edition

Eyewitness Identification, 2012 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Doing Business in Vietnam, 2013 Edition

Federal Criminal Code and Rules, 2013 Revised Editiom

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, 2013 Edition (Health Law Series)

Health Law Handbook, 2013 Edition, Health Law Series

The Impact of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act: Leading Lawyers on Guiding Clients Through Cooperative Divorce (Inside the Minds)

Going Public Handbook (Securities Law Handbook Series), 2013 Edition

Courtroom Handbook on Federal Evidence, 2013 Edition

Bankruptcy Law Manual, 5th Edition, 2013-1 Edition

Federal Information Disclosure, 2013-1 Edition

Legal Malpractice, 2013 Edition

Tax-Advantaged Securities Handbook, 2013 ed. (Securities Law Handbook Series), 2013 Edition

Data Security and Privacy Law, 2013 Edition

Employee Medical Leave, Benefits, and Disabilities Laws, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Domestic Joint Ventures, 2013 Edition

Environmental Liability Allocation: Law and Practice, 2013 ed. (Environmental Law Series)

Carlson's Federal Employment Laws Annotated, 2013 Edition

Legal Aspects of International Sourcing, 2013 Edition

Federal Environmental Laws, 2013 ed., 2013 Edition

Expert Witnesses: Medical Malpractice Cases, 2013 Edition

RCRA and Superfund: A Practice Guide (Environmental Law Series), 3rd Edition, 2013-1 Edition

Global Technology Leadership Strategies: Leading Technology Executives on Creating Strategic Alignment in a Rapidly Evolving Global Environment (Inside the Minds)

Representing Plaintiffs in Workplace Injury Cases: Leading Lawyers on Determining Claim Credibility, Achieving Successful Resolution, and Staying Up-to-Date on Changes in the Worker? Compensation Act (Inside the Minds)

Chapter 13: Practice And Procedure, 2013-1 Edition

Nonprofit Corporation Forms Handbook, 2013 Edition

New Developments in Securities Litigation, 2013 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Adapting to Trends in Securities Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement (Inside the Minds)

Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy Strategies, 2013 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Filing Chapter 7 Cases in Today's Consumer Bankruptcy Climate (Inside the Minds)

SEC Compliance Best Practices, 2013 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Understanding New Regulations and Developing Compliance Strategies (Inside the Minds)

Health Law Handbook, 2013 ed. (Health Law Series), 2013 Edition

American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review, Summer 2013

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure, 2013 Edition

Annotated Manual for Complex Litigation, 4th Edition, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques, 2013 Edition

Real Estate Professional's Tax Guide, 2013-1 Edirion

Patry on Fair Use, 2013 Edition

Representing the Bankrupt Taxpayer, 2013 Edition

Conflicts of Interest in Business and the Professions: Law and Compliance, 2013 Edition

Multidistrict Litigation Manual: Practice Before the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, 2013 Edition

CAT Claims: Insurance Coverage for Natural and Man-Made Disasters, May 2013 ed.

Strategies for Consumer Bankruptcy Litigation: Leading Lawyers on Litigation Practice in a Consumer Bankruptcy Environment (Inside the Minds)

Business Due Diligence Strategies, 2013 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Conducting Due Diligence in Today? M&A Deals (Inside the Minds)

Patent Applications Handbook, 2013 Edition

Psychological & Scientific Evidence in Criminal Trials, 2013 Edition

Excess Liability: Rights and Duties of Commercial Risk Insureds and Insurers, 4th, 2013 ed.

Bankruptcy Code Manual, 2013 ed. (West's?Bankruptcy Series), 2013 Edition

Information Security and Privacy: A Guide to Federal and State Law and Compliance, 2013 Edition

Liability of Attorneys and Accountants for Securities Transactions, 2013 ed. (Securities Law Handbook Series), 2013 Edition

Corporate Anti-Takeover Defenses: The Poison Pill Device (Securities Law Handbook Series), 2013 Edition

Search and Seizure Checklists, 2013 Edition

Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Laws, 2013 Edition

Guide to Homeland Security, 2013 Edition

Consulting Agreements Deskbook, 2013 Edition

Children and the Law: Rights & Obligations, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Independent Contractors, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to International Distribution & Licensing, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Web Site Agreements, 2013 Edition

Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, 2013 Edition

Federal Postconviction Remedies and Relief Handbook with Forms, 2013 Edition

Data Management Strategies: Leading Technology Executives on Effectively Capturing, Storing, and Securing Enterprise Assets (Inside the Minds)

The Lawyer's Toolkit for Creating Both Personal and Professional Success

Recent Trends in Privacy and Data Security: Leading Lawyers on Analyzing Information Storage Regulations and Developing Effective Data Protection Policies (Inside the Minds)

McCormick on Evidence, 7th Edition

The USERRA Manual: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights, 2013 Edition

Administrative Rulemaking, 2013 Edition

Medical Device Patents, 2013 Edition

Disabilities and the Law, 4th Edition, 2013-1 Edition

Law of Reinsurance, 2012 Edition

Generic Pharmaceutical Patent and FDA Law, 2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Doing Business in India, 3rd Edition, 2012 Edition

Bankruptcy Procedure Manual: Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Annotated (West's?Bankruptcy Series), 2013 Edition

Guide to European Patents, 2013 Edition

Rights of Juveniles 2d: The Juvenile Justice System, 2013 Edition

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules and Commentary, 2013 Edition

Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules, 2013 Edition

International Banking Law & Regulation, 2013 1st Edition

Construction Accident Litigation, 2013 Edition, 2nd Edition

Practitioner's Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure, 2013-1 Edition

Business Laws of Kuwait and Qatar, 2013 Edition

Guidebook to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, 2013 Edition

The Williams Act-Tender Offers and Stock Accumulations (Securities Law Handbook Series), 2013 Edition

Search Warrant Law Deskbook, 2013 Edition

Construction and Development Forms - Planning, Finance, Building, 2013 Edition

The Law of Electronic Surveillance, 2013 Edition

Limited Liability Companies: A Common Core Model Of Fiduciary Duties, 2013 Edition

Employment Law 2013: Top Lawyers on Trends and Key Strategies for the Upcoming Year (Aspatore Thought Leadership)

International Securities Regulation: Pacific Rim

Norton Quick-Reference Bankruptcy Code and Rules, 2013 Edition

Special Study for Corporate Counsel on Manufacturing Agreements, 2013 Edition

Legal Malpractice: The Law Office Guide to Purchasing Legal Malpractice Insurance, 2013 Edition

Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation, 2nd Edition, 2013 Edition

Federal Sentencing Law and Practice (Criminal Practice Series), 2013 Edition

Environmental Obligations in Bankruptcy (West's?Bankruptcy Series), 2013 Edition

West's Federal Sentencing Guidelines Digest, 2013 Edition

Social Security Disability: Law & Procedure in Federal Court, 2013 Edition

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, 2013 Edition

Global HR Leadership Strategies: Leading HR Executives on Managing Talent, Supporting Business Goals, and Driving Company Culture in an Evolving Global Environment (Inside the Minds)

Representing Municipalities in Litigation: Leading Lawyers Analyze Recent Trends and Guide Municipal Clients in Litigation (Inside the Minds)

Hedge Funds and Other Private Funds: Regulation and Compliance, 2012-2013 Edition (Securities Law Handbook Series)

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Copyright Law, 2012-2013 Edition

eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel, 2012 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Trademark Law, 2012-2013 Edition

Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice, 2012-2013 Edition (Trial Practice Series)

Trade Secrets Throughout the World, 2012-2013 Edition

Model Agreements: Mergers and Acquisitions, 2012-2013 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Unfair Competition, 2012 Edition

International Human Resources Guide, 2012-2013 Edition

Doing Business In South Korea, 2012 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Insider Trading and Reporting, 2012-2013 Edition

Intellectual Property Law for Business Lawyers, 2012-2013 Edition

Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law, 2012-2013 Edition

Hildebrandt Handbook of Law Firm Management, 2012 Edition

Business Laws Of Lebanon, 2012-2013 Edition

Business Laws of Saudi Arabia, 2012-2013 Edition

Licensing Law Handbook, 2012-2013 Edition

The Law of Transnational Business Transactions, 2012 Edition

Domestic Violence: Practice and Procedure, 2012 Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to Licensing, 2012 Edition

Special Study for Corporate Counsel on Joint Development Agreements, 2012-2013 Edition

Fraudulent Transfers, Prebankruptcy Planning and Exemptions, 2012 Edition

This reference shows you the best way to secure yourself, your family, or your clients against fraudulent transfers. It analyzes the common patterns of fraudulent transfers, including intrafamily transactions, estate planning, marital arrangements, and elder law. It also discusses in detail pre-bankruptcy planning, including how to convert nonexempt assets into exempt assets.

Assets & Finance: Intellectual Property in Mergers and Acquisitions, 2012 Edition

Intended to serve as a reference for both lawyers and non-lawyers who are handling intellectual property aspects of transactions in the area of mergers and acquisitions. A pragmatic approach is taken, offering various options, approaches, examples, and practice tips to guide the you in drafting documents and working through the multiple issues that may arise. The initial chapters provide an overview of the fundamentals of intellectual property and merger and acquisition transactions. Other chapters are devoted to the key phases of the transaction, such as due diligence, transaction agreements, and ancillary closing documents.

Construction Litigation Handbook, 2012 Edition

This title provides in-depth analysis of construction litigation issues, from the viewpoint of both plaintiff and defendant counsel. It examines litigation, trial, and appellate issues, and the topics discussed include elements and formation of contracts, interpretation of contracts, exculpatory clauses, changes, extras, scheduling and delay, breach, stopping the work, rescission, damages, negligence, warranty, and strict liability, fraud, misrepresentation and other causes of action, indemnity, insurance, and performance bonds.

Goldstein and Trimble's International Intellectual Property Law, Cases and Materials, 3rd Edition

Corporate Counsel's Guide to the Wage and Hour Laws, 2012 Edition

IP Strategy: Complete Intellectual Property Planning, Access & Protection, 2012 Edition

Employment Arbitration: Law and Practice, 2012 Edition

This treatise provides complete coverage of employment arbitration and is written as a practice guide for employment specialists as well as general practitioners. Beginning with a discussion of the background of arbitration, it then covers creating effective arbitration provisions (with forms, examples, and checklists) and discusses how to arbitrate employment disputes. It also covers post-arbitration litigation. Other topics covered include adoption of employment arbitration programs, litigation about employment arbitration, and penalties for frivolous vacatur petitions. Arbitration forms, language, clauses, and procedures are provided

Regulation of Investment Management & Fiduciary Services, 2012 Edition

Managing Intellectual Property in Cyberspace: Leading Lawyers on Developing an Effective Internet IP Strategy (Inside the Minds)

Uncle Anthony's Unabridged Analogies, 3d: Quotes, Proverbs, Blessings & Toasts for Lawyers, Lecturers & Laypeople, 3rd Edition

Strategies for International Arbitration: Leading Lawyers on Navigating Arbitrations in a Global Climate (Inside the Minds)

Business Laws of Germany, 2012 Edition

Japanese Patent Litigation, 2012 Edition

Navigating M&A Deals in the Asia-Pacific: Leading Lawyers on Examining the Trends and Strategies Impacting Mergers and Acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific (Inside the Minds)

Preparing for a Child Custody Trial: What You Need to Know (Quick Prep)

Cost Accounting Standards Board Regulations, Standards and Rules, 2012 Edition

Chow and Han's Doing Business in China: Problems, Cases and Materials

Scalia and Garner's Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts

American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition

This set provides a broad coverage of all fields of American law state and federal, civil and criminal, substantive and procedural.

LinkedIn and Blogs for Lawyers: Building High Value Relationships in a Digital Age

Kieff, Newman, Schwartz and Smith's Principles of Patent Law, 5th Edition

Words and Phrases

This product is a multi-volume set containing judicial definitions, from both state and federal courts, of words and phrases, arranged alphabetically. Definitions may pertain to statutory language, court rules, administrative regulations, or business documents, among other sources. Each definition contains a citation from the court that provided the definition. Each definition is also classified by West’s attorney-editors to the West Key Number System®. Through pocket part supplementation, all new judicial constructions and interpretations of words and phrases are promptly supplied as they become available from the courts.

Designing an Effective Securities and Corporate Governance Compliance Program, 2012-2013 ed. (Vol. 10, Corporate Compliance Series)

ALR International, 3 volumes per year

Comprehensive analysis of legal issues and case law from countries throughout the world.

Black's Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

Firmly established as the most widely cited law book in the world, Black's Law Dictionary is the definitive legal resource for lawyers, law students and laypeople alike. The 9th Edition is the most comprehensive law dictionary ever published. It contains:

Double Taxation Convention, 3rd

Criminal Trial Techniques

A step-by-step guide that safely leads you through every crucial phase of your criminal defence case, from initial considerations of the case through dealing with the trial judge. This three-volume resource:

Scalia and Garner's Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges

Federal Appendix

The Federal Reporter® is a federal case law reporter series in West’s® National Reporter System®.

Federal Reporter, 3rd Edition

This case law reporter contains opinions issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals, plus West headnotes and Key Numbers.

United States Code Annotated

This set contains all the laws, as classified to the United States Code, of a general and permanent nature enacted by Congress (Titles 1-50 and the Constitution), plus their judicial constructions.

Wage and Hour Law: Compliance and Practice