CATALOGUE: United Kingdom



Kerr & Hunter on Receivership and Administration, 21st Edition

Rights, Powers and Remedies in Commercial Law

Construction All Risks Insurance, 3rd Edition

Corporate Criminal Liability, 4th Edition

Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 6th Edition

McGregor on Damages, 21st Edition

Keating on Construction Contracts, 11th Edition

Commercial Injunctions, 7th Edition

Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions, 4th Edition

The Interpretation of Contracts, 7th Edition

The Law of Artificial Intelligence

Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency, 22nd Edition

Internet Law and Regulation, 5th Edition

Civil Fraud: Law, Practice & Procedure

Sale of Shares and Businesses Law, Practice and Agreements, 5th Edition

Lindley & Banks on Partnership, 20Ed (Mainwork and 3rd Supplement)

The Modern Contract of Guarantee, 4th Edition

Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings, 15th Edition

Clerk & Lindsell on Torts 23rd Edition

Shareholders' Agreements, 8th Edition

Illegality and Public Policy, 5th Edition

Glanville Williams: Learning the Law, 17th Edition

Giliker: Tort, 7th Edition

Conflicts of Interest, 6th Edition

Clarkson & Keating: Criminal Law: Text and Materials, 10th Edition

Cases and Materials on International Law, 9th Edition

Dealing with Delay and Disruption on Construction Projects, 1st Edition

Hollington on Shareholders' Rights, 9th Edition

Medical Law and Ethics, 6th Edition

Contractual Duties Performance, Breach, Termination and Remedies, 3rd Edition

McGee: Limitation Periods, 8th Edition (Mainwork & 1st Supplement)

The Law of Evidence, 7th Edition

Arlidge and Parry on Fraud 6th Edition

Sinclair on Warranties and Indemnities on Share and Asset Sales 11th Edition

Toulson & Phipps on Confidentiality, 4th Edition

Lewin on Trusts, 20th Edition

Treitel on The Law of Contract, 15th Edition

The White Book Service 2020, Volumes 1&2

Salinger on Factoring 6th Edition

Hewitt on Joint Ventures 7th Edition

Privilege 4th Edition

Foskett on Compromise, 9th Edition

Boilerplate: Practical Clauses, 8th Edition

Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts 14th Edition

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings, 19th Edition

Byles on Bills of Exchange and Cheques, 30th Edition

Benjamin's Sale of Goods 10th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Benjamin's Sale of Goods, 10Ed (Mainwork & 2nd Supp)

Misrepresentation, Mistake and Non-Disclosure 5th Edition

Colinvaux's Law of Insurance 12th Edition

O'Hare & Browne: Civil Litigation 19th Edition

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt 5Ed (Mainwork & 1st Supp)

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt 5th Edition, 1st Supplement

Law and Practice of International Finance, The

Principles of International Insolvency, 3rd Edition

Project Finance, Securitisations and Subordinated Debt, 3rd Edition

The Regulation of Healthcare Professionals: The Law, Principle and Process

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts A Modern Approach, 14th Edition

Handbook of UNCITRAL Arbitration Commentary, Precedents & Models for UNCITRAL-based Arbitration Rules 3rd Edition

Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionable Dealing 3Ed

Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books, 3rd Edition

Benjamin's Sale of Goods (10th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement)

Injunctions, 13th Edition

Keating on Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering Contracts, 2nd Edition

International Energy Arbitration

Goode on Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law, 5th Edition

Handbook of ICC Arbitration: Commentary, Precedents, Materials Handbook of ICC Arbitration: Commentary, Precedents, Materials, 4th Edition

Lowndes & Rudolf: Law of General Average,15th Edition

Formation and Variation of Contracts, 2nd Edition

MacGillivray on Insurance Law, 14th Edition

Hanbury & Martin: Modern Equity, 21st Edition

Goode on Legal Problems of Credit and Security, 6th Edition

Electronic Signatures and Identities: Law and Regulation

Medical Negligence, 5th Edition

Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, 14th Edition

Williams, Mortimer & Sunnucks - Executors, Administrators and Probate, 21st Edition

Guest on the Law of Assignment, 3rd Edition

Terrell on the Law of Patents 18th Edition, Mainwork & 2nd Supplement

Construction Delay and Disruption: Practice and Procedure

Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names,16th Edition

The Law of Personal Property, 2nd Edition

Phipson on Evidence, 19th Edition

McPherson & Keay Law of Company Liquidation, 4th Edition

Gatley on Libel and Slander, 12th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

The Law on Financial Derivatives, 6th Edition

Lewin on Trusts, 19th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Consumer Financial Services Complaints and Compensation, 2nd Edition

Goode and Gullifer on Legal Problems of Credit and Security, 6Ed

The Law of Nuclear Energy, 2nd Edition

Lightman & Moss on the Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 6th Edition

The Supreme Court Practice 1999 (The White Book) 2017 Reprint

Banking Litigation, 4th Edition

Cousins: Law of Mortgages, 4th Edition

Exclusion Clauses and Unfair Contract Terms, 12th Edition

Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition

Law of Sukuk: Shari'a Compliant Securities

Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition

Enforcement of Judgments & Arbitral Awards: Global Guide, 3rd Edition

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability, 8th Edition, Mainwork & 2nd Supplement

Keating on Construction, 10th Edition

The Law of Insolvency, 5th Edition

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt, 5th Edition

Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition

Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt, 5th Edition

The Law of Reinsurance, 4th Edition

Construction Insolvency, 6th Edition

Carver on Charterparties

Construction Insolvency, 6th Edition

Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage, 9th Edition

Mental Health Law, 6th Edition

Carver on Bills of Lading, 4th Edition

Terrell on the Law of Patents, 18th Edition

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation

Phipson on Evidence 18th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability, 8th Edition

Chalmers and Guest on Bills of Exchange and Cheques, 18th Edition

Jones on Extradition and Mutual Assistance, 4th Edition

Tax Penalties

Craies on Legislation, 11th Edition

Disclosure, 5th Edition

Renewal of Business Tenancies Property and Conveyancing Library, 5th Edition

The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice, 5th Edition

Damages for Breach of Contract

Drafting Commercial Agreements, 6th Edition

The Law of Insurance Broking, 3rd Edition

Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage, 6th Edition

EU State Aids, 5th Edition

Goff & Jones: The Law of Unjust Enrichment, 9th Edition

Cohabitation and Trusts of Land, 3rd Edition

Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas

Chitty on Contracts, 32nd Edition, 1st Supplement

Tax Avoidance, 3rd Edition

Moral Rights, 2nd Edition

Insolvency Litigation: A Practical Guide

UK Merger Control: Law & Practice, 3rd Edition

The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court: Practice and Procedure, 2nd Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to The Law and Regulation of Financial Crime, 2nd Edition

Offshore Civil Procedure

Aldridge Powers of Attorney, 11th Edition

Russell-Clarke & Howe on Industrial Designs, 9th Edition

US Regulation for Asset Managers outside the United States, 2nd Edition

Davies: Principles of Tax Law, 8th Edition

Craig Administrative Law, 8th Edition

The Law of Passing-Off: Unfair Competition by Misrepresentation, 5th Edition

The Law of Passing-off is the only specialist practitioner's reference work dealing with the common law torts of unfair competition by misrepresentation, namely passing-off and injurious falsehood.

Mental Health Act Manual, 19th Edition

The Reform of Civil Litigation

Benjamin's Sale of Goods 9th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Facts & Figures 2016/17: Tables for the Calculation of Damages, 21st Edition

Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, 11th Edition

Charlesworth and Percy on Negligence, 13th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence 13th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Parry and Kerridge: The Law of Succession, 13th Edition

Gower & Davies: Principles of Modern Company Law, 10th Edition

Oil & Gas Contracts: Principles & Practice

International Law, 8th Edition

Morris: The Conflict of Laws, 9th Edition

Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice

Elliott & Wood's Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, 12th Edition

Mental Capacity Act Manual, 7th Edition

Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 10th Edition

Presents an all-embracing examination of business interruption and consequential loss insurance in jurisdictions all around the world

Dicey, Morris & Collins on the Conflict of Laws, 15th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Cross-Border Insolvency: Principles and Practice

Individual Conduct and Accountability

Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences, 5th Edition

Theobald on Wills, 18th Edition

Terrell on the Law of Patents, 18th Edition

Sealy & Milman: Annotated Guide to the Insolvency Legislation 2016, 19th Edition

Hedge Funds and the Law, 2nd Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Solvency II

Mergers & Acquisitions, 2nd Edition

Nutshells Land Law, 10th Edition

Copinger and Skone James on Copyright, 17th Edition

Marsden Collisions at Sea, 14th Edition

Birds' Modern Insurance Law, 10th edition

Estoppel by Conduct and Election, 2nd Edition

Effective Legal Research, 4th Edition

CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts, 8th Edition

Arbitration in Africa

Nutshells English Legal System, 10th Edition

Nutshells Equity & Trusts, 10th Edition

Electronic Evidence & E-Disclosure Handbook

Enforcement of A Judgment, 12th Edition

Sale of Ships, 3rd Edition

Performers' Rights, 5th Edition

May on Criminal Evidence, 6th Edition

Sterling On World Copyright Law, 4th Edition

Jackson and Powell on Professional Liability, 7th Edition, 4th Supplement

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability, 7th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt, 4th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Deals with contempt in both civil and criminal cases

Crown Court Index 2016, 36th Edition

Scrutton on Charterparties and Bills of Lading, 23rd Edition

Arlidge, Eady & Smith on Contempt, 4th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Russell on Arbitration, 24th Edition

Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements and their Enforcement, 3rd Edition

De Smith's Judicial Review, 7th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Lewin on Trusts, 19th Edition, 1st Supplement

Celebrity and Royal Privacy, the Media and the Law

Phipson on Evidence 18th Edition, 1st Supplement

Rectification: The Modern Law and Practice Governing Claims for Rectification for Mistake, 2nd Edition

Sentencing Referencer 2016

Phipson on Evidence 18th Edition, Mainwork & 1st Supplement

Chitty on Contracts, 32nd Edition

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe, 4th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences, 27th Edition

Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice 2016, 64th Edition

Chitty on Contracts, 32nd Edition, Volume 1

The Law of Reinsurance, 4th Edition

Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases, 8th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

EU Environmental Law, 8th Edition

EU Environmental Law provides unrivalled analysis of EU environmental law and its relationship to both other sectoral policies and the laws of Member States.

Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, 7th Edition

Law of Guarantees, 7th Edition

Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases, 8th Edition, 3rd Supplement

Arbitration World, 5th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Alternative Investment Funds, 3rd Edition

Commercial Litigation, 2nd Edition

Benjamin's Sale of Goods, 9th Edition, 1st Supplement

Mental Health Act Manual, 18th edition

The Confiscation Manual

Insights into IFRS, 12th Edition

The Law of Motor Insurance, 2nd Edition

Class Actions

Employment and Labour Law, 6th Edition

Leniency Regimes, 5th Edition

Archbold Magistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2016, 12th Edition

Charlesworth & Percy on Negligence, 13th Edition, 1st Supplement

Hanbury & Martin: Modern Equity, 20th Edition

Joint Ventures, 2nd Edition

Shareholders' Rights, 2nd Edition

Dicey, Morris & Collins on the Conflict of Laws, 15th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Family Law: Jurisdictional and Institutional Comparisons, 3rd Edition

Corporate Governance, 2nd Edition

Private Client Tax, 3rd Edition

International Intellectual Property Litigation

Human Rights Practice

Jurisprudence, 7th edition

Private Equity Law and Practice, 5th Edition

Global Agricultural Law

International Insolvency, 4th Edition

Domain Names: Global Practice and Procedure, Subscription Information: 2 releases a year

International Contract Manual

Guest on the Law of Assignment, 2nd Edition

Kemp & Kemp: Personal Injury Law, Practice and Procedure

Kemp & Kemp: Quantum of Damages

Public Law

Woodfall: Landlord and Tenant

The definitive guide to all aspects of landlord and tenant law, and the text most often cited in courtrooms. Its encyclopedic coverage combines authority and experience with a concern for the reader’s practical needs. Narrative sections treat each aspect of the subject in turn, incorporating recent case law into the text.

Encyclopedia of Data Protection and Privacy

Copyright and Designs Law

British Company Law & Practice Service

Fundamentals of Caribbean Constitutional Law

Domain Names - Strategies and Legal Aspects

Practitioner's Guide to MiFID II, A, 2nd Edition

British Company Law Library

The British Company Law Library provides expert commentary on company law, practice and legislation and case reporting in one source. Available on CD- ROM, online or in looseleaf format, the service is ideal for the busy professional who needs regular updates on developments in company law. Part of the Intellectual Property Library, this book takes you through the major rights, details the various remedies available and examines how to control and exploit rights. It also examines the international factors, so that you can take these into consideration with your cases.

Fleet Street Reports: Cases on Intellectual Property Law

First published in 1963, the Fleet Street Reportshas been the ultimate choice for intellectualproperty practitioners. With cases hand pickedby Mary Vitoria QC, a leading intellectual propertyspecialist, it ensures you are on top of the significantcase developments and landmark decisions withinintellectual property.

Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)

Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) are the only reports available devoted to sentencing law. Each issue contains up to 40 important sentencing decisions with full details of every judgment. The following features are included for ease of use:

Emmet & Farrand on Title

Providing detailed coverage of all aspects of residential and commercial property transactions, Emmet and Farrand on Title:

Colinvaux and Merkin's Insurance Contract Law

Totty, Moss & Segal: Insolvency

The definitive work on corporate insolvency, providing all the necessary explanation and analysis in this area.

Practical Commercial Precedents, 4 Volume Looseleaf

Palmer's Corporate Insolvency

Landlord and Tenant Factbook

Encyclopedia of European Union Law

Nutshell European Union Law, 8th Edition

Nutcases: Criminal Law, 7th Edition

It is an essential revision aid which provides in-depth case analysis of the facts, principles and decision of the most important cases in employment law. Incorporates colour to help distinguish cases and legislation and aid ease of use.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

A Commentary on the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014

Nutshells Contract Law, 10th Edition

Nutshell Company Law, 9th Edition

Devil's Advocate, The, 3rd Edition

The Devil's Advocate, 3rd Edition

Compliance Officer Bulletin

British Tax Review

Lightman & Moss: The Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 5th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Law of Local Government

Handbook of UNCITRAL Arbitration, 2nd Edition

Shipping & International Trade Law, 2nd Edition

Mental Health and Scots Law in Practice, 2nd Edition

Expert Evidence: Law and Practice, 4th Edition

Sale of Shares and Businesses, 4th Edition

Civil Appeals: Principle and Procedure, 2nd Edition

Kendall on Expert Determination, 5th Edition

Business Premises: Possession and Lease Renewal, 5th Edition

Lightman & Moss: The Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 5th Edition, 3rd Supplement

The European Private International Law of Obligations, 4th Edition

This work provides unrivalled analysis of the Rome I and II Regulations and their practical implications, helping practitioners interpret them as they come into force.It takes the practitioner step-by-step through Rome I and Rome II, warning of issues that can arise and

De Smith's Judicial Review, 7th Edition, 1st Supplement

Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Sale and Supply of Goods and Services, 3rd Edition

Contracts of Employment

International Fraud and Asset Tracing, 3rd Edition

Disclosure, 4th Edition, 1st Supplement

Disclosure, 4th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Disclosure provides an authoritative and detailed analysis of the law relating to the process by which parties to an action disclose to each other all documents relating to the action. It examines both substantive law and procedure, discussing the “who, what, how and when” of disclosure obligations and explaining the implications of non-compliance.

Copyright Litigation, 2nd Edition

This publication provides prompt guidance to anyone involved in litigation in a foreign country or, in a multijurisdictional copyright litigation.

Debt Restructuring an Alternative to Insolvency Proceedings

Senior Individual Accountability in the UK Financial Services Environment

Sourcing World, 2nd Edition

Enforceability of Landlord and Tenant Covenants, 3rd Edition

Lloyd's: Introduction to Jurisprudence, 9th Edition

Private Equity, 2nd Edition

Transfer Pricing &Tax Avoidance

Exclusion Clauses and Unfair Contract Terms, 11th Edition

Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names, 15th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

Kerly's Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names, 15th Edition, 1st Supplement

Jervis on Coroners, 13th Edition

Jervis on Coroners is widely regarded as the definitive book on coroners' law. It provides consolidated guidance on a subject influenced by diverse authorities including local authorities, the Home Office and the Lord Chancellor's Department.

The Law of Insolvency, 4th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

There has never been a better time for the new edition of this definitive work on insolvency law. Covering all major developments in case law and legislation, The Law of Insolvency:

The Law of Insolvency, 4th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Shaw's Directory of Courts in the United Kingdom, 2014/15

The Law of Public and Utilities Procurement, 3rd Edition, Volume 1

Securities World, 4th Edition

Medical Law and Ethics, 4th Edition

It is an ideal textbook for undergraduate law students, those studying at postgraduate level and researchers. It covers the major topics of medical law and ethics, combining detailed legal exposition and analysis with moral theory and philosophy. Considers the wider contextual pressures facing the law such as the impact of patient consumerism, and the changing perceptions of medicine

Contract Law: The Fundamentals, 3rd Edition

This title introduces students to the principles of contract law by using clear text combined with charts, grids and diagrams.

English Legal System: The Fundamentals, 3rd Edition

For all students that need a clear and detailed understanding of the fundamentals of the English legal system, this guide:

Darbyshire on the English Legal System, 11th Edition

Darbyshire on the English Legal System provides students with an engaging, thought-provoking and highly readable introduction to the contemporary legal system of England and Wales.

Trust Taxation And Estate Planning, 4th Edition

Drafting British Virgin Islands Trusts

A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance, 5th Edition

Data Protection & Privacy, 2nd Edition

Banking Regulation, 2nd Edition

Caribbean Private International Law

Insurance, Reinsurance & Regulation

Equity and Trusts, 4th Edition

As part of the Textbook Series, Equity and Trusts sets out a clear framework and seeks to explain the intricacies of the law as clearly as possible, without sacrificing the detail that is required for a proper understanding of the subjec

Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements, 4th Edition

It provides you with a detailed hands-on guide to the drafting, negotiation and interpretation of natural gas and LNG trading, storage and transportation contracts.

Barlow, King & King: Wills, Administration & Taxation, 11th Edition

It applies a practical approach to a subject which forms a large part of the work of many solicitors. It deals comprehensively with tax considerations, the substantive law and also covers drafting, probate practice and procedure.

Gaming Law, 2nd Edition

Hague on Leasehold Enfranchisement, 6th Edition

Product Liability

Directory of Local Authorities 2014

Bradney: How to Study Law, 7th Edition

IDS Employment Tribunal Practice & Procedure

Megarry's Manual of the Law of Real Property, 9th Edition

Tort, 5th Edition

Tort presents an accessible and current picture of the law of torts and is ideal for those approaching the subject for the first time.

Construction Insolvency, 5th Edition

Provides commentary and critical analysis on the principles of law behind construction insolvency

Civil Evidence for Practitioners, 4th Edition

Nutshells Tort, 10th Edition

It is an essential revision and starter guide which presents the essentials of tort in clear and straightforward language, explaining the basic principles. Incorporates colour to help distinguish cases and legislation and aid ease of use. Breaks the text down into bite-size chunks and includes bullets where appropriate to aid navigation, assimilation and retention of information

Nutshells: Criminal Law, 10th Edition

It is an essential revision and starter guide which presents the essentials of criminal law in clear and straightforward language, explaining the basic principles

A Practitioner's Guide to Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement, 3rd Edition

Merger Control, 2nd Edition

Frustration and Force Majeure, 3rd Edition

Nutshells Constitutional and Administrative Law, 10th Edition

It is an essential revision and starter guide which presents the essentials of criminal law in clear and straightforward language, explaining the basic principles

Nutcases Contract Law, 7th Edition

It is an essential revision aid which provides in-depth case analysis of the facts, principles and decision of the most important cases in employment law. Incorporates colour to help distinguish cases and legislation and aid ease of use.

Archbold: International Criminal Courts Practice, Procedure and Evidence, 4th Edition

Arlidge and Parry on Fraud, 4th Edition

Goode on Legal Problems of Credit and Security, 5th Edition

International Civil Fraud

Todds' Relationship Agreements

Hedge Funds, 2nd Edition

The most recent financial crisis forced regulatory agencies to begin generating new regulations associated with reporting and accounting for hedge funds. This book examines some of the new global regulations, specifically on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. Because this industry is based in and invests globally, a careful review of the intricacies of jurisdictions worldwide is not only helpful, but should be required reading by practitioners in the field.

Goods in Transit, 3rd Edition

Phipson on Evidence, 18th Edition

Understanding, Negotiating and Litigating Turnkey and EPC Contracts, 3rd Edition

Morgan and Burden on IT Contracts, 9th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to the UK Financial Services Rulebooks, 6th Edition

Intellectual Property Law and Taxation, 8th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to the Regulation of Investment Banking, 3rd Edition

Securities Law, 2nd Edition

Brooke's Notary, 14th Edition

Civil Appeals, 2nd Edition

Zuckerman on Civil Procedure: Principles of Practice, 3rd Edition

Zuckerman on Civil Procedure provides a coherent and detailed account of the CPR system intended to facilitate a thorough understanding of how the courts interpret and apply the rules. The work looks at the principles that govern the exercise of judicial discretion in light of the overriding objective. and details how judges exercise their extensive case management powers and what this means for the conduct of litigation.

Children's Hearings in Scotland, 3rd Edition

Craies on Legislation, 10th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement

The Law of Demurrage, 5th Edition

Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations, 4th Edition

Investment Funds, 2nd Edition

Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice, 5th Edition

Preston and Newsom: Restrictive Covenants Affecting Freehold Land, 10th Edition

Guide to European Union Law, A, 11th Edition

McPherson's Law of Company Liquidation, 3rd Edition

Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring

Partnership Disputes

Pensions on Divorce, 2nd Edition

Unjustified Enrichment, Volume 2

Company Rescue and Liquidation, 3rd Edition

Solicitors' Claims: A Practical Guide

Tax Litigation Jurisdictional Comparisons

The Law of Nuclear Energy

Project Finance, 4th Edition

Land Law, 5th Edition

Family Law, 2nd Edition

Hudson Law of Finance, 2nd Edition

Criminal Law - The Fundamentals, 3rd Edition

Civil Costs, 5th Edition

The Law of Personal Property

Trade Mark Litigation - Jurisdictional Comparisons, 2nd Edition

The Law Relating to Parent & Child in Scotland, 3rd Edition

The New Statutory Residence Test for Individuals: A Practical Guide

The Law and Regulation of Finance, 2nd Edition

Economic Loss, 3rd Edition, 2 Volumes

Woodroffe & Lowe's Consumer Law and Practice, 9th Edition

Key Authorities in Banking 2011-2012

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Allied Rights, 8th Edition

International Finance: Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition

Modern GATT Law A Treatise on the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 2nd Edition

Art Collecting Legal Handbook, The

Law of International Trade, 5th Edition

IDS Trade Unions

Arnould's Law on Marine Insurance and Average, 18th Edition

A-Z of Civil Litigation, 2nd Edition

Telecommunications Law

Kennedy and Rose on the Law of Salvage, 8th Edition

Lewison's Drafting Business Leases, 8th Edition

Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary, 12th Edition

Residential Possession Proceedings, 9th Edition

McCutcheon on Inheritance Tax, 6th Edition

Analytical Commentary to the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules

Central Issues in Jurisprudence, 4th Edition

Summerskill on Laytime, 5th Edition

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in the Channel Islands, 2nd Edition

Confidentiality, 3rd Edition

Distribution and Marketing of Drugs

Company Directors

Burnett-Hall on Environmental Law, 3rd Edition

Gale on Easements, 19th Edition

EU Antitrust Procedure, 6th Edition

Data Protection Law & Practice, 4th Edition

The TRIPS Agreement, 4th Edition

Probation Directory, Incorporating offender management and interventions

Business Services, Partnering and Outsourcing Contracts: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition

Enforcement of Judgments

International Insolvency, 3rd Edition

Charity Law

IDS Continuity of Employment

Commercial Mortgage Loans and CMBS, 2nd Edition

Private Antitrust Litigation

Project Finance

Environmental Risks for Major Projects

Commercial Law, 8th Edition

Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing, 2nd Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Inside Information, 2nd Edition

Schmitthoff: The Law and Practice of International Trade, 12th Edition

Insurance & Reinsurance

Schmitthoff: The Law and Practice of International Trade, 12th Edition

Arbitration World, 4th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Inside Information, 2nd Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry

Data Protection Strategy: Implementing Data Protection Compliance, 2nd Edition

IDS Maternity & Parental Rights, 2012 Edition

Mining Law

A Practitioner's Guide to Trade and Commodity Finance

Craig: Administrative Law, 7th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Industry

Court of Appeal, Criminal Division

A specialist book for criminal lawyers who file applications and act for clients in the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division. It outlines the various rights of appeal and the relevant legislation and rules, identifies the principles underlying the various jurisdictions and court practice, and gives guidance to practitioners in all aspects of the process

Human Rights and Criminal Justice, 3rd Edition

Human Rights and Criminal Justice provides a full and systematic analysis of the impact of UK human rights law on both the substantive criminal law and criminal procedure. It examines first the applicable human rights principles before moving on to consider their impact on specific areas, including the investigation of crime, court procedure, evidence, standards of proof, sentencing, appeals and the rights of victims.

Manual of Housing Law, 9th Edition

This ninth edition of the popular and well-respected Manual of Housing Law covers all the key areas of housing law in one compact volume. It is designed and written for practitioners and advisors, to keep them abreast of legislative changes and case law developments. The succinct yet informative style bridges the gap between the needs of the specialist practitioner, the non-lawyer and student.

Gateway to Land Law

JCT Contracts Discovery

Keating on NEC3

Keating on NEC3 is the only companion to successful application of the NEC3 suite contracts you will need to hand. It examines the aims and creation of the NEC, giving you valuable insight into their background and the principles on which they are based.

The Law on Financial Derivatives, 5th Edition

Supplying an in-depth explanation of the legal principles underlying over-the counter (OTC) derivatives in the UK. It shows how concepts from many areas of law - including contract, tort and trusts - relate to the day-to-day practice of financial derivatives markets. Deals with all the key aspects of derivative products - creating and structuring derivatives contracts, performance, security and collateral, set-off and netting.

Mergers & Acquisitions

EU State Aids, 4th Edition

An invaluable resource to all those involved in advising or litigating matters of state aid, from lawmakers to regulators, lawyers, economists and courts. This fully revised 4th edition presents detailed practical guidance to the law and practice in the European Union as it stands today, together with the relevant primary law materials.

Holiday Law, 5th Edition

Construction Law & Practice

Nutcases European Union Law, 6th Edition

Nutcases Land Law, 6th Edition

Nutcase: Constitutional & Administrative Law, 6th Edition

Sassoon: CIF and FOB Contracts, 5th Edition

Whether drafting contracts or considering the nature of these provisions in the context of a dispute, Sassoon offers an easy-to-use reference to the principles behind CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) and FOB (Free on Board) contracts. This invaluable reference:

Megarry & Wade: The Law of Real Property, 8th Edition

Megarry & Wade: The Law of Real Property provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of all aspects of the contemporary law of real property. Now in its Eighth Edition, it covers the whole of the English law of real property, together with related subjects such as conveyancing, leases and wills and intestacy, in a single volume, providing a vital tool for all property and conveyancing solicitors and barristers.

Practical Company Law and Corporate Transactions, 3rd Edition

Contractual Duties

Gadsden on Commons and Greens, 2nd Edition

Misuse of Drugs and Drug Trafficking Offences, 6th Edition

An invaluable and detailed guide to all aspects of the criminal law relating to drugs, including their manufacture, possession and use, importing, exporting, rules of evidence and police powers, as well as rules pertaining to offences of money laundering, sentencing and confiscation.

Brice on Maritime Law of Salvage, 5th Edition

Provides expert commentary on the key areas salvage operations including: Law of Salvage, Admiralty Court decisions, The Salvage Agreement, Salved property and salved values

Understanding the New FIDIC Red Book: A Clause by Clause Commentary, 2nd Ediiton

Examines the effect and operation of each contract clause through clause-by-clause commentary

Law and Regulation of Investment Management, 2nd Edition

Law and Regulation of Investment Management helps guide you through the regulatory and legislative maze with legal analysis and practical advice, providing a detailed understanding of this intricate area.

Palmer's Limited Liability Partnership Law, 2nd Edition

This new edition provides a complete guide to the law of limited liability partnerships with detailed commentary and analysis, legislation, regulations and forms relating to LLPs as consolidated by the Companies Act 2006. It also unifies the applicable legislation into three user-friendly and unique appendices not available on any official website.

Commercial Litigation: Pre-emptive Remedies, 2nd Edition, International Edition

Commercial Litigation: Pre-emptive Remedies covers the full spectrum of pre-emptive remedies including security for costs, pre-action letters, arbitration, enforcement of foreign judgments, and pre-action procedures in specialist areas. Importantly it includes discussion of the international element of pre-emptive remedies. It thoroughly discusses the practice and procedure of interim remedies; freezing injunctions and the appointment of receivers; search orders, orders in relation to property and orders to deliver up goods.

ADR: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition

ADR: Principles and Practice is an essential Alternative Dispute Resolution title. The third edition covers theory, principles and practice of ADR, especially mediation, providing understanding, guidance and authority. It explores and integrates models of practice and negotiation generally; examines strategies; provides precedents; assists practitioners, policy makers and the judiciary in addressing the issues affecting practice. It introduces the psychology of dispute resolution and working with high conflict parties, and generally provides an encyclopaedic work of reference for practitioners and students.

The British Firearms Law Handbook, 7th Edition

This book is devoted exclusively to the law relating to the use of guns. In it the ordinary person who handles guns will find all the requirements of the law which he needs to know, and those who have to enforce the law will find it of invaluable assistance to them in their work.

The Law of Trees, Forests and Hedges, 2nd Edition

The Law of Trees, Forests and Hedges provides the only detailed reference source on the large and disparate body of law relating to trees, forests and hedgerows - an uncoordinated mixture of private and public law, common law and statute.

IDS Discrimination at Work

Currie on Confirmation of Executors, 9th Edition

Rowlatt on Principal and Surety, 6th Edition

This new edition of Rowlatt on Principal and Surety provides you with in-depth commentary and analysis of the law of suretyship and the law of guarantees. Regularly cited in court, this well-known title examines the fundamental concepts and the latest developments in this area of the law, bringing you authority you can

Boundaries and Easements, 5th Edition

Providing everything required to conduct an action involving a boundary dispute or easement claim, Boundaries and Easements:

Break Clauses

Explains, step by step, the law and procedure relating to break clauses in commercial leases

Banking Litigation, 3rd Edition, Mainwork

This new edition guides you through the wide range of issues relevant to banking litigation, giving you all the information that you need to confidently deal with any dispute. It addresses the major areas of potential conflict, from disputes with domestic customers to those arising from global custodianship and international banking. With an author team of expert solicitors and barristers, you’ll have access to detailed legal and practical guidance, helping you to formulate clear objectives and strategies in banking litigation situations.

Patent Litigation, 2nd Edition

International Agency, Distribution and Licensing Agreements, 6th Edition

"One of the best books of precedents in this area and it is highly recommended"

Inheritance Act Claims: Law and Practice, 3rd Edition

Inheritance Act Claims: Law and Practice covers statutory provision in circumstances of inadequate provision in a will or under the laws of intestacy. It explains the law, practice and procedure in a straightforward and practical way, so practitioners can assess the merits of a potential claim along with its cost implications.

International Tax Systems and Planning Techniques 2011/2012, 2nd Edition

International Tax Systems and Planning Techniques provides detailed coverage of the legislation and planning techniques for investments and business opportunities in 32 key jurisdictions worldwide.

Alternative Corporate Re-Engineering

Global Business & Human Rights

This publication is an essential guide for general counsel and law firms to the changing world of human rights and its importance for global business. The book highlights the growing relationship between human rights and global business and the developing international focus on the issue, particularly as a result of recent United Nations initiatives. Providing detailed commentary from leading international law firms, this first edition focuses on the legal accountability and due diligence responsibilities of corporates based in many of the world’s most developed jurisdictions for human rights compliance by their overseas operations.

Shareholders Rights

This first edition of ‘Shareholders’ Rights’ provides an essential reading for international corporate lawyers and general counsel around the world.

The Law of Waste Management, 2nd Edition

The Law of Waste Management provides practitioners with detailed guidance on the legal issues involved in this technically and legally complex area of environmental law.

International Economic Law, 3rd Edition

Wisdom's Law of Watercourses, 6th Edition

The law of England and Wales governing streams, rivers, estuaries and related waters, collectively termed ‘watercourses’, is a curious mixture of longstanding common law principles and modern statute law. On the one hand, the present-day rights of riparian owners, and others with acquired interests in flowing waters, are frequently determined by case law dating back, in some instances, to mediaeval times. On the other hand, much of the regulatory regime governing water quality, water quantity and the protection of the aquatic environment has recently been the subject of extensive legislative amendment. Wisdom’s Law of Watercourses spans the diverse sources of national and European Union law applicable to watercourses to provide a comprehensive account of all the key legal issues.

Zamir and Woolf: The Declaratory Judgment, 4th Edition

Product DescriptionThis new 4th edition of the definitive work on the subject explains the wide scope of the declaratory judgment as a public law remedy for both individuals and public bodies and shows how it can be used. References throughout will be made to the changes brought about by the HRA and amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules and cases and legislation will also be updated

EPC Contracts and Major Projects, 2nd Edition

Provides a guide to the components of engineering, procurement and construction contracts for major projects

International Economic Law, 3rd Edition

In one comprehensive work, students will gain an inclusive overview of economic law as practiced on the international stage.

Practitioner's Manual for Trade Mark Prosecution and Litigation in the EU

Provides general knowledge of the trademark system in the EU, taking you through the basic legal principles and the significance of filing and litigation strategies

Law and the Media, 2nd Edition

Addressing the key legal issues impacting on today’s journalist, Law and the Media:

Maritime Law, 2nd Edition

Maritime Law is a comprehensive guide to maritime law, covering the key areas of maritime law in a concise style suitable for University students and any reader new to the area or new to a particular topic within the area. The work captures the expertise of the members of the Institute of Maritime Law, has an accessible style and clear illustrations from decided cases.

The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice, 4th Edition

The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice examines how the general principles of insurance law apply to the insurance of commercial risks, and how to effectively evaluate the merits of a dispute in these insurance claims. Looking in turn at each form of commercial risk insurance, from employers' liability insurance, commercial vehicles, products and public liability insurances to buildings insurance, carriers insurance and contractors' insurance, it explains the law applicable to each one.

Private Equity Law and Practice, 4th Edition

Explaining clearly the law and current practice of private equity transactions, this new edition of Private Equity: Law and Practice offers advice and information relevant to private equity investors, companies seeking funds, those financing deals and managers wishing to buy out a company.

A Practitioners Guide to Basel III and Beyond

Your complete guide to the proposed new Basel Accord, written by a team of experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers, helping you to understand how the new regime differs in practical terms from Basel II, and how it will be implemented at the European and national level.

IDS Wages, IDS Employment Law Handbook

Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law, 4th Edition

This new edition of Roy Goode’s widely acclaimed title offers solutions to the legal problems you commonly face in this area as well as issues you may not have confronted before. It gives you an overview of the subject, examines its historical development and explains in detail the concept of insolvency and the meaning of “property”.

Laying Down the Law: A Discussion of the People, Processes and Problems that Shape Acts of Parliam

Reveals the inside story of how Acts of Parliament are drafted and made law:

The Dog Law Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Dog Law Handbook is a practical guide which draws together the considerable and diverse body of law relating to dogs and their activities. The first section of the work comprises a narrative summary of the law. This is followed by sections containing the fully annotated, consolidated text of relevant primary and secondary legislation and government circulars.

Nutshells Evidence, 6th Edition

It is an essential revision and starter guide which presents the essentials in clear and straightforward language, explaining the basic principles

European Union Law, 3rd Edition

Provides readers with a rigorously structured analysis of the institutional structure of the EU, its jurisdiction, its legal instruments and the main substantive principles underlying EU law.

European Union Law, 3rd Edition

Discrimination Law, 2nd Edition

Manchester & Salter on Exploring the Law: The Dynamics of Precedent & Statutory Interpretation, 4th Edition

Exploring the Law takes a unique approach to precedent and statutory interpretation which are considered in the context of self-contained case studies on selected topics of substantive law commonly taught in first year undergraduate programmes.

Individual Tax Residence: The Law and Practice on the Residence of Individuals with Source Material

This book examines the law relating to individual tax residence in the United Kingdom. It summarises the rules in statute and common law (including the topical recent high-profile cases). It includes commentary and analysis of this important topic and questions commonly held views as to what steps need to be taken to achieve non-residence.

Nutcases: Tort, 6th Edition

It is an essential revision aid which provides in-depth case analysis of the facts, principles and decision of the most important cases in employment law.

A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration

A Practical Guide To International Commercial Arbitration Assessment, Planning and Strategy

This is an essential hands-on guide for those who require practical, up to date, and easily accessible advice and knowledge in this area.

The Rotterdam RulesUn Convention on Carriage of Goods Wholly Or Partly By Sea

This new work acts as a comprehensive commentary on the new UNCITRAL Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea. It places the Convention in its historical and commercial context, and explains the intended meaning of all the principal provisions.

A Practitioner's Guide to Derivatives

International Corruption

A comprehensive guide to international anti-corruption law and practice from a UK perspective.

Charlesworth's Company Law, 18th Edition

Restrictive Covenants under Common and Competition Law, 6th Edition

Telecomunications, Broadcasting and the Internet, 3rd Edition

The third edition of Telecommunications, Broadcasting and the Internet gives you a clear and comprehensive analysis of the EU regulations, directives and competition law within these sectors. It examines in detail the major new communication regulation package of directives from the European Commission, explaining its provisions and showing how these work in practice. It applies EU competition rules to telecommunications, broadcasting and the internet.

Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law, 3rd Edition

First published in 1959, Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law is the authority to be cited and relied upon in court when establishing the definition of each expression which forms part of the fabric of English law. Thoroughly revised and updated since the last edition in 1977, this new edition covers English law from earliest times up to the present day, providing detailed explanations of legal terms as well as their historical context.

Criminal Law Review, 2009 Bound Volume

Private Equity

This book will be a useful reference for those less familiar jurisdictions for the in house counsel themselves and a great training aid for counsel coaching their deal terms on home turf. This is a genuinely helpful pithy guide pitched at the right level to be a resource to a broad range of equity professionals across the spectrum of functions and seniority levels, from CEO’s and their advisory committees to the investment professionals, in house legal counsel , finance directors, investor relations and all of their associated departments and professional advisers.

Commercial Property

This first edition of Commercial Property, edited by the leading real estate practitioners in England and Wales, is essential reading for property practitioners doing business globally.

Goode Proprietary Rights and Insolvency in Sales Transactions, 3rd Edition

The original and penetrating treatment of the acquisition and loss of proprietary rights under contracts of sale provides an indispensable source on this topic. It provides a concise, lucid and evaluative explanation of the law surrounding this area, allowing complex, technical issues to be more readily understood.

Defamation Law, Procedure and Practice, 4th Edition

Defamation Law, Procedure and Practice provides an outline of the law and focuses on both the practical and tactical aspects of case preparation, delivering a clear, concise and accessible approach to this very complex area of law.

Directors' Disqualifications and Bankrupcy Restrictions, 3rd Edition

Directors’ Disqualification and Bankruptcy Restrictions provides an extensive study of the law and practice relating to directors’ disqualification under the Company Directors’ Disqualification Act 1986. This work provides the background on the CDDA and its impact and examines the core provisions relating to disqualification for unfit conduct.

International Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation in Uncitral Model Law Jurisdictions, 3rd Edition

The new edition of this acclaimed work examines in depth both UNCITRAL’s Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation. It analyses each article of the two Model Laws in turn; their substance and how they have been enacted in jurisdictions around the world.

Trade Marks in Europe: A Practical Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition

The second edition of Trade Marks in Europe looks at the issues from a unique angle: the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice. It provides a practical and critical overview of the state of trade mark law in Europe.

Casebook on Scottish Criminal Law, 4th Edition

Bowett's Law of International Institutions, 6th Edition

A Practical Guide to PPP in the UK

A Practitioner's Guide to UK Money Laundering Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Private Equity

A Practitioner's Guide to European Leveraged Finance

Parker and Mellows: The Modern Law of Trusts, 9th Edition

Parker and Mellows: The Modern Law of Trusts, 9th Edition

Cretney's Principles of Family Law, 8th Edition

Cretney's Principles of Family Law, 8th Edition

A Practitioners Guide to Takeovers and Mergers in the European Union, 5th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Corporate Restructuring

The Law and Practice of International Finance

U.S. Regulation for Asset Managers Outside the United States

Smith, Bailey & Gunn on the Modern English Legal System, 5th Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to Mortgage Regulation

U.S. Securities Laws and Foreign Private Issuers, 2007 Edition

A Practitioner's Guide to EU Financial Services Directives, 2nd Edition

Pensions Risk and Strategy

Consumer Complaints and Compensation

Understanding Criminal Law

International Insider Dealing

The IFA's Guide to the FSA Handbook

From the Test Tube to the Coffin: Choice and Regulation in Private Life

Melville: Forms and Agreements on Intellectual Property and International Licensing, 3rd Edition

This highly practical publication provides fully drafted agreements on over 170 commercial forms and agreements with coverage of all areas of intellectual property law in the United Kingdom, the United States, the EU and the Commonwealth.

Property, Planning & Compensation Reports

These reports cover all the significant property, planning, compulsory purchase and compensation cases which come before the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the Lands Tribunal, providing the most authoritative general property law reports available.

Palmer's Company Law

Palmer's Company Law is the complete company law service from Sweet & Maxwell. for over 100 years Palmer has provided essential commentary on company law. There are now eight volumes containing revised and up-to-date narrative and source materials.

Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency

Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency is the definitive reference work on personal insolvency. Containing the full text of all relevant legislation and insolvency rules, and reporting all relevant judgments, it provides comprehensive answers to the often-asked questions on this area.

Criminal Appeal Reports

First published in 1908, the Reports provide extensive coverage of all major criminal appeal cases, including cases not reported elsewhere. They are widely regarded by both practitioners and academics as the first source of reference for criminal cases and are frequently cited in court.