Punitive Damages: Law and Practice, 2d, 2016 ed.


Punitive Damages: Law and Practice, 2d, 2016 ed.
Jun 2016
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Use Punitive Damages: Law and Practice to determine up front whether your case warrants a request for punitive damages and the extent of a possible award. This must-have, two-volume work explains national and state-specific law, allowing you to carefully prepare every element of your case with background, precedent, and in-depth analysis of relevant cases. You''ll find:

• Discussion of the function and intent of the concept of punitive damages
• A complete survey of the law of each state and the District of Columbia concerning punitive damage awards

• Consideration of punitive damage issues not generally encountered in routine practice, as well as conflict of law issues, vicarious liability of corporations, and insurability

• Comprehensive coverage of recent reform proposals at the state and federal level

• Discussion of the variability in state court interpretations and applications, with charts that analyze punitive damages state by state

• Practical suggestions regarding discovery techniques, trial strategy, presenting proof, evidence, and precedents

• Forms that you can customize to the facts of your case

• A detailed chart providing the status of punitive damages in a particular state at a glance

• Discovery techniques, trial strategy, and pleadings