McCormick on Evidence, 7th Edition


McCormick on Evidence

Apr 2013
Volume: V 1 & 2
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Recognized as the foremost authority on evidence law today, McCormick on Evidence offers comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the rules and theory of evidence, covering:
•The Federal Rules of Evidence, as well as state law in jurisdictions not conforming to the federal rules
•Accepted practice and theory, current issues, and leading caselaw
•An in-depth examination of character and similar-act evidence in civil and criminal cases
•The principles governing the admissibility of scientific evidence, along with a survey of major scientific tests or concepts encountered in physics, chemistry, psychology, and statistics
•A thorough examination of the hearsay rule as well as its relationship to the Confrontation Clause
•The evidentiary problems of authentication caused by rapid developments in technology
•Questions surrounding constitutional, common law, and statutory privileges

When there are specific questions of evidence for which a jurisdiction has no precedent, this treatise provides both general theories that may be argued to suggest the answer and varying views from other jurisdictions. Like the Dean McCormick''s original text, the Seventh Edition continues to provide a pragmatic approach to the law of evidence.