Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech


Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech
Apr 2015
Volume: V 1-3

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Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech provides in-depth coverage and expert analysis of free speech and free press First Amendment issues, including history, theory, doctrine, and insights into cases and decisions. Includes cross-references within the text and in footnotes, which contain full citations and parallel citations to other materials. This set covers:

• The distinction between content-neutral and content-based regulation of expression
• Various forms of heightened scrutiny
• Captive audience
• Vagueness and overbreadth
• Right/privilege distinction
• Public form doctrines
• Violent and imminent lawless action
• Symbolic speech and expressive conduct
• Hate speech
• Free speech and civil rights enforcement
• Obscene and pornographic speech
• Intellectual property
• Defamation
• Privacy and related torts
• Broadcast regulation
• Cable television
• Online communication and other electronic media

Includes a table of cases and detailed index.