Domke On Commercial Arbitration, 2015, 3rd Edition


Domke On Commercial Arbitration, 2015
Apr 2015
Volume: V 1-3

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Covering both domestic and foreign commercial arbitration, Domke on Commercial Arbitration includes references to federal statutes and arbitration rules and caselaw. It encompasses:

• Alternative dispute resolution
• Statutes and rules
• Arbitration agreement
• Initiating arbitration
• The arbitrator
• Arbitrability
• Court''s jurisdiction and directives
• Pre-hearing matters
• Evidence
• Hearing
• Award
• Re-opening or re-hearing
• Modifying or correcting award
• Confirming and enforcing award and agreement
• Intrastate enforcement of award
• Enforcement of agreements, awards and judgments in international transactions
• Enforcement of foreign awards in the U.S. and enforcement abroad of U.S. awards and judgments

This easy-to-use guide contains arbitration and litigation forms, checklists, illustrated examples and procedural outlines, American Arbitration Association rules, customs, practice tips, and procedures.