Clough & Clough on Personal Injuries


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Clough & Clough on Personal Injuries
Dec 2023

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Currently, identifying the appropriate practice and procedure is a very time consuming and laborious process. It requires the practitioner or student to go to many different sources, for example, statutes, subsidiary legislation (i.e., the court rules), authorities, cases, PD 18.1, and other advisory sources such as law society circulars. CCPI is a guide for practice and procedure that combines all of these sources.

Included in this first edition are: 

  • “Case boxes”, “statute boxes” and “PD boxes” that directly quote from these sources for easy referencing.
  • A core flow chart that gives an overview of PI litigation from start to finish, and specific flow charts that aim to simplify complicated procedure, contained in a supplementary booklet
  • Explanation and analysis on the current rules in relation to key areas and problems that commonly arise in PI litigation.
  • The areas that are covered include: pre-action protocol; limitation periods; PI Questionnaires; Checklist Review Hearings; “milestone dates”; when documents must be filed/served/lodged; settlement; sanctioned offers, sanctioned payments, Calderbank offers; discovery, FBP, and interrogatories; witness statements; expert evidence; and interlocutory judgments.