Archbold Hong Kong 2024


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Archbold Hong Kong 2024
Oct 2023

Volumes 1 & 2


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Endorsed by the Hong Kong Judiciary, Archbold Hong Kong 2024 is the essential reference manual on criminal law, procedure, sentencing and practice in Hong Kong.

The Honourable Mr Justice Bokhary GBM, NPJ continues as Editor-in-Chief and Professor Simon Young of the University of Hong Kong serves as General Editor. Each chapter focuses on what the law is, rather than what it ought to be, and reflects the experience and expertise of the talented pool of over 45 specialist criminal practitioners and academics.

In this new edition, recent developments in the areas include: 

  • If the defendant repeats the offence against multiple victims this will be an aggravating factor, and should be progressively taken into account in the assessment of sentence (Secretary for Justice v Yu Chun Hing [2022] 1 HKLRD 31)

  • New developments regarding extreme cruelty and neglect of a child (HKSAR v CHP [2023] 2 HKLRD 53) and that a guilty plea can be considered as defendant's acceptance that he was party to an attack (HKSAR v Wong Chun Man [2022] 3 HKLRD 459) 

  • Whether an appellant should be deprived of costs in a magistracy appeal (HKSAR v Elthaf, Chaudry Muhammad [2023] HKCFI 694)

  • Whether the judicial interventions and the composition of the court impacted on the fairness of the trial (e.g. where a judge sits alone or where there is judge and jury) (HKSAR v Christopher Okechi Nwosu [2023] HKCA 396)

Archbold Hong Kong 2024 is published in two handy volumes - Volume 1 covers criminal procedure, evidence and sentencing and Volume 2 covers the general principles of criminal liability, human rights and specific offences.