Hong Kong Patents Ordinance - Commentary and Annotations


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Hong Kong Patents Ordinance - Commentary and Annotations

Jul 2012

This book presents the most recent annotated text of the Patents Ordinance (Cap 514), pertaining to patent law in Hong Kong, in a convenient and up-to-date form with section-by-section annotations and commentary provided by a well-regarded practitioner. It reproduces the exact text of the Patents Ordinance section-by-section followed immediately by commentary and analysis of the aforementioned ordinance sections. It incorporates the most recent case law, legal precedents, authoritative materials and amendments/revisions of particular sections. Additionally, it provides the legislative history and legal debates which led to the creation and wording of that particular section of the Ordinance.

Up-to-date and comprehensive covering each and every section of the Ordinance plus much more
  • Contains the most relevant and recent legal precedents, legislative history, and public policy concerns for readers to analyse and learn about that particular section/part of the Ordinance
  • Hong Kong and international cases from the UK and EU, related legislation and other authoritative materials are identified and discussed in detail
Reader-friendly format provides precise, concise analysis and commentary
  • Ideal for busy practitioners, gets you to the information you need quickly
  • Each section and subsection is highlighted in the headings for easy reference

Presents real-world and practical legal applications for daily practice
  • Gives references to the most recent cases assisting in the interpretation of each section, relevant rules of court, definitions of words and phrases, discussion on practical aspects of application and contentious issues


Authored by Frederick Fong of Anthony Cheung’s Chambers