International Banking and Finance Law: Principles and Regulations


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International Banking and Finance Law: Principles and Regulations

Nov 2011
Softcover, 400 pp

“…akin to an encyclopedia of international financial and banking practice and law, and is an ideal addition to any library as a valuable reference material.” Kingsley Ong, Partner, Eversheds

With the backdrop of the ongoing, global financial uncertainties, no other resource out there covers both the banking and legal regulatory systems of the five, key global markets:  Hong Kong, China, The United States, European Union and United Kingdom

Author Mark Hsiao is an expert in the field with a wealth of practical and academic experience
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Taught financial law at University of London and was the director for the MBA Banking on the University of London External Programme
  • Lectured Equity & Trust, English Commercial Law, Company Law, and Banking & Finance at the Bangor University
Contains legal and regulatory rules of the five main financial entities/markets:  Hong Kong, China, The United States, European Union and United Kingdom
  • Laws of each region are illustrated and compared
  • Provides information on how these markets interact with each other to co-exist in the international financial market
  • Covers the regulatory schemes in place to prevent the abuse of the banking system leading to another financial crisis
Efficiently guides the reader through legal principles related to banking practice and financial regulations in four, convenient parts
  • Foundation of the markets – a view of what constitutes the markets
  • International transaction fundamentals – basic questions and answers asked in the beginning of international transactions, e.g. conflict of laws
  • Risk mitigation - examination of the important techniques and strategies essential to both international and domestic instruments
  • Rules and regulations – discusses those which have an impact on the international transactions
International Banking and Finance laws: Principles and Regulations provides detailed information concerning the reforms of the banking and financial systems of the five (5) main active financial markets of (i) Hong Kong; (ii) China; (iii) United States; (iv) United Kingdom; and (v) European Union.

This Book looks principally of these major regions of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom with comparative illustrations of the Hong Kong and China banking and financial systems and markets. It also illuminates to the readers of the breakdown of the financial safeguards which lead to the 2008 financial crisis and the new legal principles and regulations put in place by the key Western financial systems related to banking practice in hopes of preventing a subsequent crisis and clearly illustrates their application by reference to case law and the key legislation.