China Law Library: China Arbitration Handbook


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China Law Library: China Arbitration Handbook
Jul 2011
Hardback, 800 pp


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The only text in English that brings together the combined knowledge and experience of accredited arbitrators from the main arbitration commissions in China

Authors and editorial team are leading experts in the areas of arbitration and mediation
  • General Editor Dr Raymond Leung, Past President of Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and Arbitrators for CIETAC, Beijing Arbitration Commission, Shenzhen Arbitration Commission, Wuhan Arbitration Commission
Not your typical law and practice text
  • The first part discusses the history, definition, resources and procedure of arbitration in China; the second part uses case analyses to show how arbitration is actually performed in China
Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage
  • Key chapter on enforcement of arbitral awards (both domestic and foreign) by PRC courts by a judge of the Supreme People’s Court as well as analysis of actual disputes before arbitration commissions in areas such as construction, shareholder and investment, agency, intellectual property, real estate, labour, maritime and agricultural land
Only book that covers all major jurisdictions and goes beyond CIETAC
With the growth and influence of China and Asia in general, the region is positioning itself as a centre for dispute resolution, not only locally and regionally, but also internationally as a centre of arbitration and mediation excellence. Taking a practitioner approach, this book will be the definitive text on one of the fastest-growing areas of law in China. Written by leading arbitration experts in China, it offers arbitration professional clear, practical ‘how-to’ knowledge as well as analysis of relevant disputes across a breadth of areas.