Australian Contract Law: Principles and Cases eBook


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Australian Contract Law: Principles and Cases eBook

Feb 2020
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Adopting a distinctive two-in-one text and casebook style, Australian Contract Law: Principles and Cases concisely sets out general principles of contract law explained and illustrated through key cases. After the statement of principles, a case note provides the salient facts, the issue, and the decision of the court. This is followed by key extracts of relevant parts of the judgment which have been carefully selected to enable students to analyse case law and learn from first principles. The commentaries on case law and statutory materials include recent decisions of the High Court of Australia.

The book contains 24 chapters of topics covered in contract law courses set out in four parts: Formation of Contract, Terms, Avoidance, and Discharge and Damages. Each chapter provides two sets of questions: Essential Questions for revision, and Practice Questions for problem solving hypothetical contractual disputes. References to journal articles facilitate further study and extended reading.

Written primarily with the needs of students in mind, two other features have been included to help students critically engage with the materials:

  • Sample Sale of Goods Contract
  • Guide to Answering Problem Based Questions in Assignments and Examinations

The author, May Fong Cheong, is a Senior Lecturer at the Thomas More Law School, Faculty of Law and Business, Australian Catholic University, and Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales. She has taught contract law for fifteen years in Malaysia, and for the past ten years in Australia. She is also author of the following texts published by Thomson Reuters:

  • Civil Remedies (2nd ed, 2016)
  • Contract Law in Malaysia (2010)