Catalogue: Hong Kong


SUBJECT INDEX: Negligence / Personal Injury / Torts


Written by doctors and lawyers,the book is essential reading for practitioners in both professions who are concerned with the medico-legal aspects of beginning and end of life issues,as well as advances in medical research and technology and patients'''' rights and autonomy in law.

Tort Law in Hong Kong, Third Edition

The third edition of Tort Law in Hong Kong continues the aims of previous editions, not only to provide a study text for intending lawyers, but also to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource available for practitioners, academics and judges in the tort law topics under consideration. As with previous editions, the focus is very much on Hong Kong law, holding firm to the belief that the law must be studied and understood in a Hong Kong context, and within the judicial traditions according to which Hong Kong cases are decided and to which lawyers and prospective lawyers must become accustomed.