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SUBJECT INDEX: Civil Procedure

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, Third Edition

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Hong Kong Precedents of Pleadings, Second Edition

The Hong Kong White Book 2018


The Hong Kong White book is trusted for its authority, commentary and is relied upon by judges and lawyers alike for guidance on Civil Procedure.

The 2018 service continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. The sixteenth edition of Hong Kong Civil Procedure contains four mainwork volumes - Volumes 1 & 2 contain substantive laws and commentary. The Arbitration and ADR volume, a specialist volume, contains detailed commentary to laws and international treaties relating to various forms of alternative dispute resolution. The Court Forms volume contains prescribed forms and practice forms.

The Hong Kong White Book 2018 is available in print, ProView eBook and on Westlaw Asia, intelligently connect your civil litigation work with our content, expertise and technology.

Civil Procedure in Hong Kong: A Guide to the Main Principles, Fourth Edition

Civil Litigation in Hong Kong, Fifth Edition

THE HONG KONG WHITE BOOK 2017, Volumes 1 & 2

In the midst of constant development, the Hong Kong White Book 2017 provides authority, guidance and security on civil procedure in one single source, ensuring you have the in-depth understanding of civil procedure  you need to succeed.

THE HONG KONG WHITE BOOK 2016, Volumes 1 & 2

Civil Procedure in Hong Kong: A Guide to the Main Principles

 A Simply Written Guide to the Main Principle of Civil Procedure


Civil Procedure In Hong Kong: A Guide To The Main Priniciples, Second Edition

The second edition of this popular book on civil procedure has taken account of a further full year’s worth of cases since the last edition—more than two full years of cases since the introduction of the Civil Justice Reform (CJR). The book remains as a user-friendly, simply written and laid out guide to the main principles of civil procedure in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Civil Justice Reform Practice Manual - Second Edition

Hong Kong Civil Justice Reform Practice Manual, Second Edition focuses on the practical steps to ensure practitioners do not get caught out by the sweeping new provisions, and are able to provide their clients with specific advice as to how their cases should be conducted in this new era of dispute resolution.



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