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HONG KONG GAAP Supplement: A Guide for the Preparation of Financial Statements

The model financial statements of Hong Kong GAAP Limited are intended to address the presentation and disclosure requirements of Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards and Interpretations, the Companies Ordinance and the Listing Rules. They also contain additional disclosures that are considered to be best practice, particularly where such disclosures are included in the illustrative examples provided with a specific Standard.

For the purposes of presenting the income statement and the statement of changes in equity, all of the alternatives allowed for by SSAP 1 Presentation of Financial Statements have been illustrated. Preparers should select the alternatives most appropriate to their circumstances.

Hong Kong GAAP Limited is assumed to be listed on the Main Board of the SEHK. For those enterprises listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, specific disclosure requirements are set out in the GEM Rules. These are largely consistent with the requirements of the Listing Rules and, for the user's convenience, cross-references to the GEM Rules have also been included in the Model Financial Statements and the Presentation and Disclosure Checklist.



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