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Data Protection Law in Asia, Second Edition

This second edition continues to be one of the first publications of its kind to provide a comparative and critical overview as to personal data protection laws in 12 jurisdictions of the Asia Pacific region.

Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong – A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Business Law in Hong Kong, Fifth Edition

Company Law in Hong Kong: Insolvency, 2018

Company Law in Hong Kong: Practice and Procedure, 2018

Securities & Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571): Commentary and Annotations 2017 Edition

Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Second Edition

Equity and Trusts in Hong Kong: Doctrines, Remedies and Institutions

Tort Law in Hong Kong, Fourth Edition

Civil Procedure in Hong Kong: A Guide to the Main Principles, Fourth Edition

Civil Litigation in Hong Kong, Fifth Edition


Croc of Final Appeal


The Hong Kong White Book 2018


The Hong Kong White book is trusted for its authority, commentary and is relied upon by judges and lawyers alike for guidance on Civil Procedure.

The 2018 service continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. The sixteenth edition of Hong Kong Civil Procedure contains four mainwork volumes - Volumes 1 & 2 contain substantive laws and commentary. The Arbitration and ADR volume, a specialist volume, contains detailed commentary to laws and international treaties relating to various forms of alternative dispute resolution. The Court Forms volume contains prescribed forms and practice forms.

The Hong Kong White Book 2018 is available in print, ProView eBook and on Westlaw Asia, intelligently connect your civil litigation work with our content, expertise and technology.

Arbitration in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition


Clarity on the impact of the Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2016, and the Arbitration and Mediation Legislation (Third Party Funding) (Amendment) Bill 2016, passed in June 2017, in this practical guide endorsed by Geoffrey Ma GBM QC SC, the Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.



The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations, 2017 Edition

This new 2017 Edition of the commentary and annotations of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) has been revised and reformatted for a better comprehensive overview of all the changes that occurred to the law over the last 3 years - including the most recent 2017 cases highlighting the now statutory duty of all company directors to exercise reasonable care, duty and diligence when dealing with the company’s everyday business affairs!

Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628): Commentary & Annotations, 1st Edition

The Conflict of Laws in Hong Kong, 3rd Edition

The only up-to-date authoritative guide in Hong Kong on Conflicts.

Concise Guide: Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Private Companies

Essential Publication and quick reference guide for: Company secretarial practitioners who are handling the Hong Kong private companies

Company Law in Hong Kong - Insolvency 2017

First analytical and comprehensive look at the proposed amendments and revisions to the Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap.32) now pending before the Legislative Council!

Construction Dispute Prevention and Resolution in Hong Kong 2016

The reliable and comprehensive authority on construction law and the dispute resolution process in Hong Kong


The definitive guide to criminal practice and procedure in Hong Kong.

Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom: The New Frontier, 3rd Edition

The Third Edition of Trademark Law in China provides a comprehensive analysis of China’s developing trademark laws including translations of the Chinese Intellectual Property and Trademark laws, related notices and regulations and cases decided by the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. 

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Hong Kong

Print and ProView eBook included with exclusive content on eBook version!

The first publication on drafting wills and trusts in Hong Kong, this crucial guide explains the issues involved in preparing Hong Kong law trusts.

Brooke's Notary Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

The only reference work on notarial practice in Hong Kong, covering amendments and revisions following the reform of notarial practice.

Law of the Hong Kong Constitution, Second Edition

The Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies, 3rd Edition

This updated 3rd Edition presents everything the corporate reader would need for their day to day practice in accordance with the new provisions of the now fully enacted Companies Ordinance (Cap.622). From incorporation to dissolution, formation of joint ventures, the purchase of sole trader and partnership business to civil and criminal proceedings, this highly practical and popular new edition of Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies offers even more coverage and detail than previous editions.

Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)


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