Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571): Commentary & Annotations 2018 Edition

ADR in Hong Kong

Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong

Annotated Hong Kong Companies Laws Set: The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary and Annotations, 2018 Edition + Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap.32): Commentary and Annotations, 2018 Edition

Drafting Trusts and Will Trust in Hong Kong Paperback

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The first publication on drafting wills and trusts in Hong Kong, this crucial guide explains the issues involved in preparing Hong Kong law trusts.

Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap.362): Commentary and Annotations

Landlord & Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance (Cap.7): Commentary & Annotations

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, Third Edition

Bills of Exchange Ordinance: Commentary & Annotations (Cap.19)

Apology Ordinance (Cap.631): Commentary and Annotations

British Virgin Islands Commercial Law, Fourth Edition

Colinvaux's Law of Insurance in Hong Kong, Third Edition

The Hong Kong Anti-Discrimination Ordinances: Commentary & Annotations (Collected Volume) Second Edition

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Hong Kong Precedents of Pleadings, Second Edition

Chitty on Contracts, Hong Kong Specific Contracts, Supplement to the Fifth Edition

Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong – A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Business Law in Hong Kong, Fifth Edition

Company Law in Hong Kong: Insolvency, 2018

Company Law in Hong Kong: Practice and Procedure, 2018

Securities & Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571): Commentary and Annotations 2017 Edition

Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Second Edition

Tort Law in Hong Kong, Fourth Edition

The Hong Kong Anti-Money Laundering Ordinances - Commentary and Annotations, (Collected Volume), Second Edition

Arbitration in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition


Clarity on the impact of the Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2016, and the Arbitration and Mediation Legislation (Third Party Funding) (Amendment) Bill 2016, passed in June 2017, in this practical guide endorsed by Geoffrey Ma GBM QC SC, the Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.



Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628): Commentary & Annotations, 1st Edition

IPO Handbook for Hong Kong 2017

Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom: The New Frontier, 3rd Edition

The Third Edition of Trademark Law in China provides a comprehensive analysis of China’s developing trademark laws including translations of the Chinese Intellectual Property and Trademark laws, related notices and regulations and cases decided by the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. 

Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2016, 4th Edition


Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong

The first comprehensive guide that brings together applicable Hong Kong and English authority, so that the Hong Kong civil practitioner will, perhaps for the first time, have all the relevant law in one place in relation to documentary evidence.

Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook

Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook is the essential reference source and guide for judges, practitioners, scholars and students on constitutional law and judicial review in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of Law of Companies in Hong Kong continues to be the main substantive text on company law more than a year after the law’s enactment continuing to provide all the recent applications and updates on the progress of this new companies regime. 

Thinking Like A Lawyer

 An essential guide for those starting out on their study of law.

Investor Protection in Capital Markets - The Case of Hong Kong

Investor Protection in Capital Markets – The Case of Hong Kong focuses on the regulatory protections available to public investors who have decided to invest their money and trust in Hong Kong listed companies. This book analyses procedures and regulations put in place to ensure investors are given adequate protection for their investment, with the objective to provide the public with transparent and sufficient investment information.

Regulatory Principles of Banking Law in China, 1st Edition

Legal Practitioners Ordinance (CAP.159): Commentary and Annotations

Asia Mediation Handbook

China Labour Law: A Q&A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers

Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 3rd Edition

Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)

A Guide to Wills and Probate in Hong Kong

The first text on the substantive law on wills, will drafting and probate practice under one cover

Competition Law in China & Hong Kong

Enforcement of Commercial Arbitral Awards in China

Hong Kong Mediation Handbook, Second Edition

An essential handbook about Mediation in Hong Kong for practitioners, business professionals, in-house counsel as well as all others who are interested in Mediation matters in Hong Kong

Amendments & Transitions to Cap. 32: A Visual (Comparative) Guide

 A useful comparative guide on the surviving parts and sections of Cap 32

Family Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Second Edition

 The definitve text for family law practitioners in Hong Kong covering both legal principles and practice.

Employment Law and Practice in China, Second Edition

An up-to-date reference book for practitioners and business professionals dealing with employment and labor matters in and out of China

Construction Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Third Edition

Principles of Hong Kong Banking Law

The Hong Kong Stock and Futures Exchanges - Law and Microstructure

The Hong Kong Stock and Futures Exchanges – Law and Microstructure is the first book designed to provide readers with a legal, regulatory and operational insight into the mechanisms for securities trading in Hong Kong.  This book opens the “black box” by providing detailed and comprehensive analyses not only of the licensing of exchanges and broker-dealers, but also of the processes and mechanisms for trading, clearing and settling transactions in stock, options, and futures. Further, it benchmarks the state of the Hong Kong market against international regulatory standards and developments in international securities markets. The text also explains the exciting technical and international transformation of the Hong Kong exchanges in recent years and proposes a model for the eventual integration of the Hong Kong securities market into the securities markets of mainland China.

Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands Company Law, Fourth Edition

The use of offshore vehicles for international financial transactions is flourishing and is becoming more and more popular in the Asia Pacific region. The Fourth Edition of this landmark work Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands Company Law is an indispensable, practical guide to the laws of these important jurisdictions. The downturn in world economies has led to the insolvency and restructuring of many offshore entities bringing a new focus on the insolvency regimes in each jurisdiction with recent reported cases in Bermuda, BVI and the Cayman Islands. This new edition examines these major changes and provides updated analysis, commentary and template forms for a variety of actions as well as extracts of relevant regulations. The side-by-side comparison of these three jurisdictions is particularly useful for onshore practitioners or company secretaries.

Criminal Litigation in Hong Kong - Third Edition

This book covers criminal litigation from a uniquely practical perspective: it starts with how to receive instructions from clients and takes you through the entire litigation process.

Contract Law in Hong Kong

This text about contract law in Hong Kong is comprehensive in scope, emphasizes the large body of local law, and is written in a clear style that “demystifies” intricate areas of law

China Law Library: China Arbitration Handbook

This book provides a clear understanding of the Chinese arbitration and serves as a practical guide.

Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

Written by leading practitioners and academics, Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong is the authoritative, comprehensive work for Hong Kong practitioners and is cited with approval in judgments. The new edition has been fully revised, capturing over eight years of recent case law, and a chapter on the emerging area of Data Privacy has been added.

Discrimination Law and Practice in Hong Kong

This is a fully comprehensive and up-to-date book on discrimination law in Hong Kong. It adopts a practical approach and is an all-encompassing book which shows what behaviors and policies that Hong Kong Employers can and cannot get away with.

Principles and Practices of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong, 2nd

The second edition of this leading work provides a comprehensive explanation of the nature and operation of Hong Kong''''''''s procedural rules. Over 2,000 new cases have been considered in publishing the second edition. It also includes a CJR supplement that will focus on the analysis and impact of fundamental changes in Civil Practice post effective date of April 2, 2009.