Drafting Trusts and Will Trust in Hong Kong Paperback


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Drafting Trusts and Will Trust in Hong Kong Paperback
Jan 2016
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Written by James Kessler QC, Thelma Kwan and Philip Munro, this title offers an extensive selection of trust precedents to suit a wide range of requirements, and helps to ensure that practitioners prepare accurate and effective trust documents which precisely meet client requirements and reflect the current law and practice.

This first edition is based on James Kessler’s Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts – A Modern Approach, 11th edition (UK). The intention is for it to be an aid to the Hong Kong drafter, discussing the variety of issues which commonly arise when drafting Hong Kong trust documents.

The title, published in both print and ProView eBook versions, provides a set of precedents written in plain legal English for the different types of trusts and certain ancillary documents governed by Hong Kong law, together with a detailed commentary on the text of those precedents.

Features include:
• Precedents
• Practical guidance on the current law
• Detailed commentary on the recent changes to the Trustee Ordinance (Cap 29) and other trust-related laws
• Legal Analysis
• Information on the various types of trusts including discretionary trusts and charitable trusts

 List of Forms Found Exclusively on ProView eBook:
• Application for Probate
• Application for Grant with Will annexed
• Renunciation
• Affirmation concerning the Will
• Trust Corporation Documents


Jurisdiction: Hong Kong