Concise Guide: Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Private Companies


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Concise Guide: Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Private Companies
Mar 2017
DUO (Softcover and ProView eBook version included)

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A user-friendly and concise reference guide for all company secretaries, practitioners and business professionals to the changes to principle laws and rules dictated by the new Companies Ordinance (Cap.622).

Illustrating company secretarial practice and compliance in easy-to-digest format – charts, checklist tables and Q&A sessions demonstrating common case scenarios.


It is the companion guide to our Compliance and Company Secretarial Practice of Hong Kong Listed Companies – written by the same author team.

This publication offers a clear illustration of everyday scenarios regarding company secretary practice at private companies with four distinctive features in one book:
(i) summaries of the applicable procedures in charts /diagrams;
(ii) essential points formation; and
(iii) checklist tables to indicate the relevant company secretarial procedures and practice; and
(iv) Q & A sessions at the end of each chapter to demonstrate the most common case scenarios that Hong Kong private companies may come across for both the students and practitioners.

Authored for both professionals and students - each can find out answers regarding company secretarial procedures of private companies under this (new) Companies Ordinance easily and as such there is no need to digest a whole passage of each chapter to locate the answers – this will be a unique publication in regards to the presentation, style, and format of how all this information is presented to the reader.

All persons, companies secretaries, companies, lawyers, law firms, chambers, etc who purchased the companion edition on Company Secretarial Practice on Publicly Listed Companies should buy this New Edition on Private Companies!



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