Construction Dispute Prevention and Resolution in Hong Kong 2016


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Construction Dispute Prevention and Resolution in Hong Kong 2016
Nov 2016
ProView eBook
ProView eBook

In partnership with Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre, Thomson Reuters / Sweet & Maxwell are proud to present a reliable and comprehensive authority on construction law and the dispute resolution process in Hong Kong.

A practical guide with academic thought-leadership

Presenting real-world scenarios and solutions in the pursuance of a better practice of construction dispute resolution:

•  The official records from HKCAC HKU Conference on "Construction Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong". Government officials like the Secretary for Justice, Mr. Rimsky Yuen, JP SC and Ir Chan Chi Ming, the former Deputy Director of the Development Bureau, and experienced practitioners and high-ranking professionals such as Dr. Simon Chee, Mr. John Cock, Mr. Danny McFadden and Sr Alan Donnet amongst others, demonstrate practical challenges and resolutions through the highlights and breakdown of each presenter's speech

•  The most up-to-date industry and market trends. Recent developments through 2016 in Hong Kong construction dispute prevention and resolution – calling for a total rethinking on the revamp on process design, specialized practice rules, essential competence and proficiency of dispute resolution professionals

•  Stay one step ahead! Dive into the new Hong Kong Security of Payment Legislation before it’s 2017 release


This practical and useful treatise takes you through both academic and real-world exercise to resolve real-world problems.