IPO HANDBOOK FOR HONG KONG 2015 (English version)


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IPO HANDBOOK FOR HONG KONG 2015 (English version)

Jan 2015

With a foreword written by David Graham, Chief Regulatory Officer and Head of Listing, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, this IPO handbook for Hong Kong 2015 provides guidance to companies on solving the variety of issues they will face in their listing journey in Hong Kong, especially after the changes to Listing Rules this year.

This IPO handbook features the comprehensive requirements that a company needs to address during its listing journey, with advice provided by more than 20 experts who have been offering IPO related services for many years and have the most up-to-date knowhow. These include:

• How to get the company ready to be listed;
• The key issues that could arise during the IPO application process, along with the latest rule changes related to IPO sponsors;
• How to market the deal effectively by setting the price, sales and stabilization;
• Some specific listing issues and methods that needs to be addressed;
• The most efficient tax considerations;
• Effective investor relations during the whole IPO process;
• Post-IPO issues like corporate governance, including updates to the latest corporate governance code;
• Compliance issues, including the latest rules on connected transaction updates that became effective from July 1, 2014;
• Effective post-IPO Strategies.