Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)


Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)

Dec 2015

JICL promotes international legal research and scholarship encouraging new insights into law in context. It publishes expert accounts and thought-provoking assessments of important theoretical or jurisprudential questions. It welcomes interdisciplinary contributions especially those that tangibly link such disciplines as social sciences, economics, international politics, media studies and other fields of research and academic debate that may be more empirically based but of major significance in influencing the focus and reform of law in its national and global contexts.

The December 2016 issue is a special collection of essays on “Comparative Perspectives on Criminal Justice Reforms”, guest edited by Professors Alan Reed and Nicola Wake. Its contributions include: “Circumstance, Choice and Denial of a Superior Orders Defence in International and Comparative Criminal Justice”, “Bad Character Evidence in Criminal Trial” and “Mental Capacity, Criminal Offences and the Role of the Expert in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions”.

The June 2017 issue carries contributions such as “Negotiating Women’s Rights under Muslim Family Laws in Israel and India”, “Air Carrier Liability and Air Passenger rights”, “Fair Housing, Discrimination and Inclusionary Zoning in the United States” and “Liability for the Malicious Institution of Civil Proceedings”.

The December 2017 issue includes articles on “Enforcing Criminal Law through Civil Processes” (Professor Simon Young), “Mediation:  International Experience and Global Trends” (Professor Neil Andrews), “The Politics of Parliamentary Procedure at Westminster” (Professor Robert Blackburn) and “Legal Challenges to the Belt and Road Initiative (Professor Wang Guiguo).

Currently we are receiving submissions for publication in 2019. Submissions may be sent to Professor Anton Cooray at to whom any inquiries may also be directed.



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