The Companies Law Rewrite: A Visual (Comparative) Guide to Cap. 622


The Companies Law Rewrite: A Visual (Comparative) Guide to Cap. 622

Jul 2014

A Useful Comparative Guide of How The New Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) Differs from The Old Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32)

• Offers a side-by-side comparison (section by section) of the old law and new law
• Compares and contrasts the major proposals and new initiatives developed and brought forth in the new Ordinance (Cap. 622)
• Reviews and compares the miscellaneous amendments to new law aimed at modernizing how companies should be structured and run here in Hong Kong to that of how these provisions were worded in the old law
• Addresses how the new law has been revised and rewritten to reflect the modernisation of the law to that of the rest of the world
• Provides introduction and summary to each part of the law followed by the comparative table of the new provisions with that of the old provisions with all the new wordings and terms highlighted and underlined
• Includes brief annotations and commentaries of the new provision

Written By Antonio Da Roza
• Barrister-at-law, New Chambers
• Lecturer in law, University of Hong Kong, School of Law