The Hong Kong Minimum Wage Ordinance


The Hong Kong Minimum Wage Ordinance

Dec 2011
Softcover, 150 pp

The only book to focus exclusively on the Minimum Wage Ordinance

An in-depth, annotated guide on the Minimum Wage Ordinance with thorough analysis and expert opinions highlighting the controversial and unexamined areas of the Ordinance, this book will become the ‘go to’ reference for anyone requiring expert advice on navigating and understanding the new ordinance.

Vital resource and reference for employment related professionals

  • Analyzes and presents solutions in regards to the applicability of the Ordinance
  • Provides answers to the debates and criticisms brought by the new law
  • Gives advice from the perspectives of both sides of the debate

Renowned author team of employment law academics & practitioners

  • Written by top academics and practitioners who have extensive experience in dealing with employment issues

In-depth analytical commentary and thoughts on the new Minimum Wage Ordinance

  • Every section of the Ordinance is annotated and thoroughly discussed
  • Includes practical analysis supported with authorities, including Hong Kong precedents, cases from other jurisdiction and/or international conventions


This minimum wage law in Hong Kong came into force on 1 May 2011 after much debate.

Although the new law set definitive guidelines around aspects of hourly pay, the ‘loose’ drafting of the law has left many areas open to broad interpretation. While this has simplified certain things for employment professionals, it has opened a whole new set of debates that remain definitively unresolved to this day, eg. compensated meal breaks for hourly workers.

To comply with the Ordinance, employers may need to make adjustments to their employment practices, a challenging task within the backdrop of these ongoing uncertainties. The Hong Kong Minimum Wage Ordinance, provides expert advice and structure around these debates so that professionals referring to this text will have confidence that they are in compliance with the new law. 

In short, The Hong Kong Minimum Wage Ordinance is a vital resource and reference for anyone dealing with employment related issues to have on hand for a quick analysis and solutions to any questions that may arise in regards to the applicability of new Minimum Wage Ordinance.