Intellectual Property Rights in China (China Law Library Series)


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Intellectual Property Rights in China (China Law Library Series)

Feb 2011
Hard cover, book form, 500 pp

As part of China entering the world stage in recent years, it has rapidly developed its intellectual property system. This rapid development has engendered significant change and one of the major challenges facing foreign companies in China, and the law firms advising them, is how to protect their intellectual property rights whilst successfully conducting business in China. This book, written by leading practitioners who work within the system, contains the highly practical discussion and insight required to effectively protect intellectual property rights.

Features and benefits

  • Offers key insights into intellectual property rights enforcement strategies in administrative, criminal and civil arenas
  • Provides extensive analysis of key components of intellectual property rights including trademarks, patents and copyrights
  • Includes discussion on related legislation such as anti-unfair competition law, anti-monopoly law, and border control
  • Contains thorough citations to Chinese laws and rules, making research in traditionally hard-to-reach materials easier.