The Hong Kong Basic Law Annotations and Commentary


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The Hong Kong Basic Law Annotations and Commentary

Jul 2010

'A useful guide and makes an invaluable contribution to a deeper understanding of the Basic Law. Anyone in Hong Kong and outside who is interested in the Basic Law will derive considerable benefit from it.'

Andrew Li, Chief Justice

Hong Kong Basic Law Annotations and Commentary is the landmark first publication to include direct annotations of the Basic Law’s full text.

This authoritative work is the essential reference source for all concerned with Hong Kong’s constitutional order created under the Basic Law.

In the 13 years since the passing of sovereignty, a large body of public law has developed. These cases have shaped the interpretation of the Basic Law’s articles and in turn the ways in which a wide range of legislative provisions are interpreted.

Hong Kong Basic Law Annotations and Commentary represents a watershed in terms of how the Basic Law will be cited and referred to, as a pre-eminent annotated work to stand beside Hong Kong Civil Procedure: The White Book.

  • Offers detailed analysis of key legal principles derived from the Basic Law, with citations and discussion of important cases
  • Essential for legal practitioners, in particular litigators and those with an interest in public law, judicial review, and governmental bodies. Also useful to foreign lawyers and academics conducting comparative studies
  • Ideal for anyone following the development of common law systems, civil liberties and jurisprudence, as well as Hong Kong’s broader socio-economic development as a Special Administrative Region and its conduct of external affairs
  • Enables reader to form advanced, nuanced understanding of the Basic Law’s provisions whilst offering a focal point for undertaking Basic Law-related research.