Tort Law in Hong Kong (Second Edition)


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Tort Law in Hong Kong (Second Edition)

Aug 2007
Hardback, 900 pp

Tort Law in Hong Kong (Second Edition) carries the same emphasis as the first edition throughout the work on the practice and development of the law of torts in the Hong Kong. It is the most recent and leading authoritative work to date on this ever-changing and vitally important subject. The book offers an incisive and pragmatic explication and analysis of the major legal principles, with discussions and commentary of the most recent and important judicial decisions in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and elsewhere that impact on this subject.

Tort law, perhaps more than any other area of law, should reflect the views of the ordinary person on the street on the obligations owed by one member of society to another. While Hong Kong tort law has its origins in the English law of tort, the author highlights the development of tortious principles unique to Hong Kong, an independent jurisdiction functioning in conditions far removed from those prevailing in other common law jurisdictions and provides comprehensive and analytical accounts, pertinent to the state of the law of torts in Hong Kong.

Contents include: Introduction, Negligence, Breach of duty, Causation and remoteness of damage, Duty of care, Defence to negligence, Occupier's liability, Breach of statutory duty, Employers' liability, Damages for personal injury, Vicarious liability, Multiple tortfeasors, Employees' compensation, Nuisance - Rylands v Fletcher, Trespass and other intentional torts, Defamamtion and Limitations

Readership: Practitioners, law students and academics

Jurisdiction: Hong Kong


Hong Kong
United Kingdom