A Practitioner's Guide to The FSA Regulation of Banking, 2nd Edition


A Practitioner

Sep 2006
  • The Legislation (Banking Act 1987 and FSMA 2000)
  • Interaction Between FSA Regulation and International Bodies: The European Commission and the Basel Group of Banking Supervisors
  • The FSA''s Approach to the Supervision of Banks
  • Senior Management Responsibilities and Approved Persons
  • Risk Assessment - Market Risk and Interest Rate Risk
  • Credit Risk Under the UK Supervisory Regime
  • Operational Risk Management: A Practical Approach and the Regulatory Implications
  • Risk Assessment - Liquidity Risk
  • Prudential Regulation of Banks under the FSMA
  • The Authorisation Process
  • The Supervision Process
  • The FSA''s Powers of Enforcement
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Financial Regulation and Systemic Stability