Glanville Williams Textbook of Criminal Law, 3rd Edition


Glanville Williams Textbook of Criminal Law

Apr 2012
Glanville Williams’ Textbook of Criminal Law is an exposition and evaluation of the criminal law. Now updated and rewritten for modern criminal law courses, the author, Dennis Baker, brings back the classic style of Glanville Williams’ insight but focused on modern criminal law today.

Originally authored by the highly respected Glanville Williams, the book covers a very wide range of topics with a sustained and penetrating analysis that will appeal to professional lawyers and barristers in addition to students of law.
  • Discusses the cases without overwhelming the reader with too much detail
  • Readable and lucid style with unique question and answer format to encourage the reader to engage with the text 
  • A range of illuminating practical examples to stimulate critical thought
  • Comprehensive coverage of criminal law
New to the Third Edition: 
  • The first two introductory chapters have been substantially rewritten to incorporate material on the European Court of Human Rights.
  • A new Chapter on The Moral and Constitutional Limits of the Criminal Law has been added.
  • The Sexual Offences and Fraud Chapters have been completely rewritten. 
  • Chapter on Provocation has been replaced with a chapter on the new partial defence of “Loss of Control”.
  • A new Chapter on Inchoate Offences has been added.

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