The Dog Law Handbook, 2nd Edition


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The Dog Law Handbook

May 2011

The Dog Law Handbook is a practical guide which draws together the considerable and diverse body of law relating to dogs and their activities. The first section of the work comprises a narrative summary of the law. This is followed by sections containing the fully annotated, consolidated text of relevant primary and secondary legislation and government circulars.

Aimed at all of those whose work involves them with dog law, including local authority dog wardens and legal departments, and the police, as well as organisations such as kennels and dog clubs.

  • The book first provides a summary of the law, with footnotes enabling readers who wish to do so to refer to the statutory materials set out the later parts
  • Draws together into one volume the large and diverse body of law relating to dogs and their activities then sets out the consolidated text of all the relevant legislation and government circulars, with full expert annotations
  • Outlines the law relating to the ownership, theft, and sale of dogs Details owners’ responsibilities under the strict liability and negligence rules Deals with nuisances, byelaws and hygiene regulations Looks at dogs and diseases, dangerous dogs, and guard dogs
  • Covers dogs on the road, trespassing dogs, and stray dogs Deals with dog welfare issues, including killing and injuring dogs, and boarding and breeding kennels - and discusses enforcement powers, prosecutions and post-conviction powers
  • Looks at various miscellaneous areas, such as performing dogs, dogs and game, and the import and export of dogs This new edition is fully updated to take account of all recent legislative and case law developments

Jurisdiction: Environment Law