Palmer's Limited Liability Partnership Law, 2nd Edition


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Dec 2011

This new edition provides a complete guide to the law of limited liability partnerships with detailed commentary and analysis, legislation, regulations and forms relating to LLPs as consolidated by the Companies Act 2006. It also unifies the applicable legislation into three user-friendly and unique appendices not available on any official website.


With in-depth analysis and commentary from leading academics and professionals in the fields of insolvency, accountancy and company law, this is a one-stop reference on this relatively new legal entity and the law that has developed around it since its creation by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000.


Updated to include relevant changes introduced by the Companies Act 2006 and the latest developments in partnership law, this new edition also provides you with a complete guide to the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000 and the legislation and regulations that operate around it.


Chapters have been broken down for easier reference and to ensure Limited Liability Partnerships and relevant section of the Companies Act 2006 are covered in full . Part B contains the legislation establishing and applying the law to LLPs. Part C contains the modified text of the other Acts as applied to LLPs and Part D does the same for those SIs applied only by reference to LLPs. Parts C and D are therefore unique and the text is not available on any official website.



  • Not only will the new edition be able to help you adjust to the changes already in force but it will also ensure you’re fully brief and prepared for the changes due in 2011 and beyond.

Jurisdiction: Company Law and Insolvency