Misuse of Drugs and Drug Trafficking Offences, 6th Edition


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Misuse of Drugs and Drug Trafficking Offences

Jan 2012

An invaluable and detailed guide to all aspects of the criminal law relating to drugs, including their manufacture, possession and use, importing, exporting, rules of evidence and police powers, as well as rules pertaining to offences of money laundering, sentencing and confiscation.

  • Offers a balance of UK drugs law in their international context
  • Explains complex concepts of drug laws clearly Provides practical guidance as well as legal theory
  • Includes information on various substances, including ‘Legal Highs’ Covers the impact of the Medicines Act 1968
  • Provides helpful flow charts, diagrams showing mechanics of confiscation, summary of controls under existing drug legislation and tables highlighting invaluable statistical material
  • Written by one of the most prominent legal practitioners in this area

Jurisdiction: Criminal Law and Evidence