Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition


Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring

May 2017

• Provides in-depth guidance on the legal principles, formal procedures and practical questions arising in schemes of arrangement for corporate restructuring

• Features extensive precedent material and detailed case studies of schemes in operation

• Explains the different type of scheme available, including 'pre-pack' schemes, assessing their comparative advantages and disadvantages

• Explores the underlying legal principles, including 'timing' and 'compromise'

• Sets out a 'three-stage' guide to schemes, from first court-hearing through to the 'sanction hearing’

• Goes through each stage of the scheme process in detail

• Features extensive precedents, including examples of schemes, letters, claim forms, statements, court orders, proxies and expert opinions, and hearing materials

• Illustrates the issues covered by reference to detailed UK, US and European case studies compiled from the author's experience

• Deals with the complex cross-border and jurisdictional issues facing practitioners

• Discusses how to get multi-national schemes recognised

• Looks at the involvement of COMI in the recognition process

• Examines bondholder issues

• Looks at common issues with schemes, including competition, pensions, regulation, accounting, confidentiality and voidability

• Provides a comparative analysis with other procedures including CVAs and Administrations

Jurisdiction: UK