A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration, 2nd Edition


Overview   |  Table of Contents
A Practical Guide to International Commercial Arbitration

Oct 2018
  1. What is international arbitration and why choose it?
  2. Drafting an agreement to arbitrate
  3. Commencing an arbitration
  4. The tribunal
  5. Strategic steps in commencing an arbitration
  6. Jurisdiction
  7. Powers and duties of arbitrators
  8. Stages of the arbitration
  9. Strategy in conduct of the arbitration
  10. The award
  11. Enforcing an arbitral award
  12. Challenging an arbitral award
  13. Specific types of international arbitration
  14. Appendices:

Appendix 1: Websites related to international arbitratioN
Appendix 2: Steps involved in drafting an agreement to arbitrate
Appendix 3: Case study illustrating the process of arbitration
Appendix 4: The timescale for an arbitration
Appendix 5: Same request for arbitration
Appendix 6: Sample answer to request for arbitration
Appendix 7: Comparative table of selected arbitration rules
Appendix 8: Comparative table of laws of selected arbitral seats