CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts, 8th Edition


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CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts

Feb 2016
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The CIPA Guide to the Patents Act, 8th Edition is a must-have for any practitioner advising about patents.

The Guide brings together the expertise of over 25 highly respected professionals including patents attorneys, solicitors and members of the Bar, all individually selected for their expert knowledge.

  • Sets out the acts section by section and, where appropriate, the Features of the Patent Act, 1977 and  relevant provisions of  the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988 together with relevant EU treaties and directives
  • Includes the full text of the Acts, section-by-section
  • Provides the corresponding provisions of the Paris Convention, the TRIPS Treaty, the PCT and the EPC
  • Includes the UK Patents Rules and the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions relevant to each other
  • Features the decisions relevant to each section of the UK IP Office and courts and of the EPO Appeal Boards
  • Includes selected decisions of the US courts
  • Provides a detailed commentary and analysis of the practical working of each section and of the significance of the decisions handed down under it
  • Features coverage of developments in the fields of software, biotechnology and supplementary protection certificates for pharmaceuticals
  • Refers to over  3300 decided cases



The 8th Edition offers coverage of legislative and jurisprudence developments to end June 2015, including:

Amendments introduced by recent legislation including the Intellectual Property Act 2016, the Patents (European Patent with Unitary Effect and Unified Patents Court) Order 2015, the Patents (Amendment) Rules 2014 and updates to CPR Practice Direction 63.



Jurisdiction: UK