Hudson Law of Finance, 2nd Edition


Hudson Law of Finance

Aug 2013
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The Law of Finance provides a comprehensive account of the whole of the law of finance in one volume. It enables understanding of the subject by going through the principles of the law first and then moving on to look at how, through a range of modern financial techniques, the law is applied in practice. 
The work is unparalleled in breadth of scope and wealth of detail.
  • Analyses the key principles of the EU financial services directives, the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the FSA Handbook
  • Explains the key concepts relating to the law relating to contracts, property, fiduciary duties and tort, as they apply to finance, which are the building blocks of the law of finance; and also explains practical issues such as the use of master agreements and techniques for taking security.
  • Examines the core principles of private international law as they relate to global financial markets
  • Analyses the key areas of financial practice one-by one: customer banking; lending, syndicated lending and bonds; foreign exchange; securities markets; derivatives and collateralisation; takeovers; private equity; stock-lending; mortgages; collective investment schemes; pensions and insurance.
  • Analyses the effect of the global financial crisis 2007/08 on the law of finance, with analysis of likely future litigation
  • Provides extra course support via podcasts on the author’s website (, together with updates, course materials and online links
Authoritative and clearly written, The Law of Finance presents readers with an original and comprehensive conceptualisation of the law of finance as a coherent field. It is to be welcomed by law students both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and by practising lawyers. 

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom