Effective Legal Research, 4th Edition


Effective Legal Research

Feb 2016
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Researching and tracing information is an essential skill that students need to master if they want to succeed both in their legal studies and in their future careers. A practical guide to effective legal research, this new edition presents the information on a step-by-step format leading students through the world of legal research both in a law library and researching online.


  • A practical guide to researching, tracing and understanding legal information, including UK, EU and ECHR materials
  • Helps users find the material they need with the minimum of effort, and to use it with confidence – essential skills for every law student
  • Presents the information in a step-by-step format, leading the reader through the world of legal research from using a law library to searching online
  • Includes coverage of current awareness websites and legal blogs, including Westlaw UK, Lexis Nexis Professional, BAILII, Europa and TSO
  • Uses examples from Law Reports, Acts, Halsbury's, Current Law, Hansard and European materials from the Official Journal, Eur-Lex and the European Court of Justice
  • Contains Tip Boxes highlighting important points to remember
    Appendices include Abbreviations list of Reports, Series and Journals, Summary of Sources for English Law, Online Sources of Scots, Northern Ireland and International Law

“ … an extremely useful addition to any undergraduate’s or postgraduate’s learning support toolkit. The book is an absolutely essential purchase for any University Law Library and it should be recommended widely to students.” Legal Information Management

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom