Criminal Law - The Fundamentals, 3rd Edition


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Criminal Law - The Fundamentals

Aug 2013
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Criminal Law - The Fundamentals introduces students to the principles of criminal law by way of clear text combined with charts, grids and diagrams.

  • Introduces students to the principles of criminal law by using clear text combined with charts, grids and diagrams
  • Sets out a clear framework and explains the intricacies of the law as clearly as possible without sacrificing the detail that is required for a proper understanding
  • Includes full coverage of all topics likely to be studied on Criminal Law courses at undergraduate level, on Diploma in Law (CPE) programmes, and ILEX level 6
  • Contains analysis of the key Law Commission’s proposals for reform where relevant
  • Opens each chapter with a bulleted outline of the main concepts and ideas to be covered in that chapter and closes each chapter with a summary to recap the main points
  • Provides a question along with answer and answer tips at the end of each chapter
  • Uses charts, grids and diagrams to enable students to grasp complex legal principles with ease
  • Follows a new and improved layout with more pedagogical features than before, such as ‘Over to You’ boxes to truly engage students and get them thinking more critically about the subject
  • Assumes no prior knowledge of the subject – allowing the book to be used for those new to the subject and for distance learning courses

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom