Craig: Administrative Law, 7th Edition


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Craig: Administrative Law

Aug 2012
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Administrative Law provides a detailed and clear examination of what is a conceptually difficult area of law. Craig’s thorough and contextual approach to the subject has prompted thought, discussion, and understanding amongst all those interested in the subject.

The seventh edition has been extensively revised and updated to take account of the numerous developments in administrative law since the last edition published in 2008.

Administrative Law is of relevance to those who are interested in the administrative system and those whose primary interest lied in judicial review. It provides a clear and readable exposition of a complex area of law, making it an invaluable text for students and academics alike.

Key Benefits

  • Offers a stimulating approach which helps students gain a thorough understanding of this conceptually difficult area of law
  • Places administrative law clearly within its historical, political and social framework
  • Provides a detailed analysis of administrative policies and judicial decisions
  • Examines difficult and controversial questions raised and suggests solutions
  • Offers invaluable comparisons with other jurisdictions including the USA to enable readers to compare the English system with that of other jurisdictions
  • Includes all the main topics common to the majority of undergraduate law programmes – all in one book
  • Covers the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the plethora of case law the act has generated
  • Examines key case law including: Ghaidan, A v Home Secretary, Carson, Hooper, and Nadarajah


New to this Edition

  • Each chapter now begins with a section called ''Central Issues'', which takes the form of a series of points highlighting the key issues.
  • New chapter devoted to the issues posed by national security and anti-terror legislation, and the implications that this has in particular for the application of natural justice.
  • Includes analysis of the relevant case law and the Government''s Green Paper on Justice and Security.

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom