Contracts of Employment


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Contracts of Employment

Dec 2014
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Providing in-depth coverage of the rules governing the formation of a contract, the Contracts of Employment Handbook:

  • Examines the tests for establishing employment status, including the definition of an "employee" and other categories of worker
  • Looks at the content of employment contracts, including express, implied, incorporated and statutory terms
  • Covers employers’ obligation to provide employees with a written statement of employment particulars
  • Sets out the circumstances in which courts will refuse to enforce an agreement, such as void terms, sham contracts and illegal contracts
  • Deals with garden leave and restrictive covenants
  • Analyses termination of contract, including express dismissal, constructive dismissal, expiry of a fixed-term
  • Considers breach of contract and remedies for breach, including injunctions, calculation of damages and the duty to mitigate loss

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom