Bills of Exchange Ordinance: Commentary & Annotations (Cap.19)


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Bills of Exchange Ordinance: Commentary & Annotations (Cap.19)
Dec 2017
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Bills of Exchange Ordinance (Cap.19): Commentary and Annotations looks at the laws, rules, and regulations relating to bills of exchange – which includes cheques, promissory notes, payment/financial instruments, etc.

This Ordinance is essential to the world of finance as the law regulates all business payment systems. Bills of exchange are the fundamental financial instruments and mechanism of settlement for both local and international business and trading transactions.
This text provides a highly readable, yet in-depth account of the law and practice relating to bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, and other financial instruments. The annotators look at and examine each and every section of the law and explain how these financial documents work in and other instruments work in practice, drawing particular attention to the problems which are likely to arise and how best to resolve them.
Furthermore, because the parties to financial transactions are often based in different countries, the Ordinance has specific provisions to deal with jurisdiction and choice of law issues to enable the reader to determine which jurisdiction’s law applies if a conflict of law arises.